Salem's Most Visited Museum

Twenty innocent people were put to death
during the Witch Hysteria of 1692.
History made them famous...
we make them real!

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Salem Itineraries

Salem Witch History of 1692

Start at the Salem Witch Museum (1hour 15 minutes) where you'll receive an overview of the events that took place during the Witch Trials of 1692, and dispel the myths surrounding the word witch in the museum's exhibit, Witches: Evolving Perception. Learn about witch-hunts that have taken place from 1692 to the present.

Later Morning

Next visit the Salem Witch Dungeon (45 minutes) where your group will see a live performance of the Sarah Good Trial, or (in season) Cry Innocent, The people versus Bridget Bishop (1 hour); where your group can participate in a cross examination of Bridget Bishop, the first “witch” hanged on Gallows Hill.

Stop at the Salem Witch Trial Memorial (15 minutes), dedicated by Ellie Weisel in 1992.


There are plenty of restaurants in Salem that can accommodate groups. Download a list that previous Salem Witch Museum group visitors have enjoyed.


Next you can visit the Salem Witch House (30 minutes), home of magistrate Judge Jonathan Corwin or the Rebecca Nurse Homestead (1 hour 15 minutes). Rebecca Nurse was one of victims accused of practicing witchcraft and hanged. The Rebecca Nurse Homestead is a twenty minute drive away in Danvers, MA – formally Salem Village). The Homestead was used in the PBS special, Three Sovereigns for Sarah. You can also visit the archeological dig of the Parris Foundation (15 minutes) in Danvers which is a short walk away from the Danvers Witch Trial Memorial (10 minutes).

Finish off with a make your own Ice Cream at Putnam Pantry in Danvers (Route 1).