3. Site of the Salem Village Meetinghouse

Located at the intersection of Forest and Hobart Streets.

The meetinghouse of the First Church in Salem Village stood here in 1692. The meetinghouse was the site of most of the 1692 examinations, although some examinations were held in the Salem meetinghouse, in Beadle's Tavern in Salem, and in Ingersoll's ordinary. Nathaniel Cary, whose wife, Elizabeth, was arrested on May 24, described the meetinghouse in Salem Village as "the place appointed for that Work [i.e., the examinations]." Here the magistrates interrogated, among others, the notorious "witches" Sarah Good, Tituba Indian, Martha Corey, and Rebecca Nurse. In 17Ol, a new meetinghouse was erected on the site of the current First Church and this meetinghouse abandoned. The Darling Prince House (circa 168I), which now stands on the site, was moved here in the nineteenth century. It is privately owned.