Sarah Holten House

171 Holten Street at the intersection of Holten and Centre Streets.

In 1692, this house was the home of the widow Sarah Holten. Three years earlier, after Sarah's swine had uprooted Rebecca Nurse's garden, Rebecca had become so incensed that she stormed over to the Holten house and upbraided Sarah's husband, Benjamin. "All we could say to hir could no ways passifie hir,"Sarah later testified, "but she continewed Railing and scolding agrat while." A short while later, Benjamin Holten fell ill "being much pained at his stomack and often struck blind . . . about a fortnight before he dyed he was taken with strange and violent fitts acting much like to our poor bewicthed parsons." The quotations are from Sarah's 1692 testimony that helped send Rebecca to the gallows. The Holten house is open to the public.