Known in 1692 as Salem Village, Danvers was the scene of the outbreak of witchcraft in Essex County. The strange actions of the young girls in the area first began at the parsonage, home of Reverend Samuel Parris. Those first accused of witchcraft lived in Danvers. As the witchcraft contagion spread, however, people throughout all Essex County were accused. Many people accused of witchcraft were examined by the magistrates in the meetinghouse in Danvers. When the Court of Oyer and Terminer was appointed in May 1692, the trials and executions were moved to neighboring Salem, the county seat.

1. Foundations of the 1692 Parsonage
2. Nathaniel Ingersoll's Ordinary
3. Site of Salem Village Meetinghouse
4. First Church
5. Sarah Holten House
6. Rebecca Nurse House
7. Danvers Historical Society Building
8. Osborne House
9. Wadsworth Cemetery
10. Joseph Putnam House
11. Putnam Cemetery
12. Bridget Bishop House  Sarah Bishop House

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