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[singlepic id=65 w=200 h=200 float=left]After you visit the Salem Witch Museum, bring your admission sticker to many local attractions for great discounts: ACTIVITIES AND ATTRACTIONS (in alphabetical order) Essex River Cruises, Essex, MA – “…interesting, informative, narrated cruises…. Discover the beauty and heritage of Essex, Massachusetts and the Great Marsh, as we cruise the pristine sheltered waters of the Essex River.” The Schooner FAME – “Welcome aboard the FAME of Salem, a replica of the successful privateer from the War of 1812.” The Witch House – “The Witch House, home of Judge Jonathan Corwin, is the only structure still standing in Salem with direct ties to the Witchcraft Trials of 1692.” Witch City Segway – “Witch City Segway offers guided Segway tours of the famous (and infamous) sights in Salem.  It's the coolest way to see our city; provides a fun, safe and informative ride to visitors of many ages. Never ridden a Segway before? We'll give you a helmet, a Segway and training.  Our friendly and experienced tour guides will then help you navigate the streets of Salem on your tour.” DINING AND REFRESHMENT (in alphabetical order) Café Valverde Coffee Roasters - Cafe was founded in 2005 by Nelson & Jorge Valverde to contribute to the growth of the specialty coffee industry in their native country of Bolivia, developing long term relationships with farming communities and cooperatives and often paying higher "fairer than Fair Trade" prices for their coffees, based on the quality of the coffee beans. In 2009 coffee importing & roasting business was expanded by opening a cafe so they could share freshly roasted organic coffees with local customers Great Escape Restaurant - The Great Escape Restaurant is housed in what, at one time, was America’s oldest active jail. The restaurant was designed with a jail theme featuring brick walls, the original two foot thick granite floor, a bar made out of recycled cell doors, and cell bars all around. WALKING TOURS (in alphabetical order) Haunted Footsteps Ghost Tours – “Salem Historical Tours is home to Haunted Footsteps Ghost Tour: Salem’s first and finest ghostly stroll. Established in 1997, we are the oldest permanent tour company in Salem, Massachusetts. We offer a variety of tours that appeal to every visitor’s interests, including our new Spirits of Salem Pub Crawl TM.” Salem Night Tour – “What do you get when you take Salem’s best Tour guides and you train them as Paranormal Investigators, you get the Salem Night Tour! the award winning 90 minute walking tour through The Witch City’s most famous Haunts. 15 Haunted Historical sites 15 accurate stories, Costumed, licensed tour guides and Paranormal investigators lead the tours…” Salem Witch Walk –”Join true Salem Witches as you’re blessed in a magic circle, visit a graveyard, and learn about spells, poppets, love potions, herbal charms, and even curses!” Spellbound Tours – “Owned and operated by Mollie Stewart, who created Absolutely Fabulous! Tours in New Orleans. She has conducted Voodoo, Cemetery, Ghost & Vampire tours in New Orleans for over four years. Now she is offering the most unique tours in Salem! Our New Orleans tours have been featured in national publications including Arthur Frommer’s Travel Guide. Our tours are rated ‘Five Stars’!” WITCH SHOPS (in alphabetical order) Crow Haven Corner – “Purveyors to Witches Worldwide – Welcome to Crow Haven Corner, Inc. The very first witch shop in Salem, Massachusetts. We opened our doors over 30 years ago, and to this day, fill our store with book, candles, herbs, home decor, and so much more.” Hex – “Salem’s edgiest witch shop. Witchcraft. The very word evokes images of midnight rituals, whispered incantations by candlelight, and cauldrons bubbling with strange concoctions both magical and medicinal. For all those who have called out to the spirits in a graveyard during the dead of night, who have stood in a thunderstorm to command the winds, who have pricked a finger to set the spell with their own blood, who stand for justice and humanity, and whose very hearts beat with the fires of magic, HEX is for you.” Omen – “Salem’s premiere, Witch shop, and workshop center. We offer phone readings, in-person readings, private events, classes and workshops, and, of course, a range of items for divination, psychic work, and magic! Don’t forget to visit us while you’re in Salem!” Or, before you arrive in Salem, purchase the Salem Passport for package pricing on top attractions: Discover Salem Passport Explore the House of the Seven Gables, Peabody Essex Museum, and the Salem Witch Museum aboard the Salem Trolley (in season)
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July 19th, 1692 - Tuesday

[singlepic id=63 h=100 w=100 float=left]Quoted from The Salem Witch Trials:  A Day-By-Day Chronicle of a Community Under Siege by Marilynne K. Roach, page 201-202 _ _ _ _ _ _
Salem Town Between eight o’clock and noon, Sheriff George Corwin transported Rebecca Nurse, Susanna Martin, Elizabeth How, Sarah Good, and Sarah Wildes – all praying that God would prove their innocence – from prison by cart through the streets of Salem to be hanged.  Quiet housewives or turbulent scolds, well-to-do or in rags, all five women now faced a painful, public death. It was customary for the dying to attempt facing death in a spirit of forgiveness lest their souls appear before Heavenly judgment seething hatred.  Sarah Good would have none of it.  At the gallows Reverend Nicholas Noyes urged her to confess what the courts had seemingly proven and at least not die a liar.  When she denied the guild, Noyes said she knew she was a witch. “You are a liar,” she snapped.  “I am no more a witch than you are a wizard, and if you take away my life God will give you blood to drink.”  (The folk curse was loosely based on a verse in Revelation.  People later remembered it when Noyes, it was said, died bleeding at the mouth when a blood vessel burst in his head.) Rumors hinted that the Devil might attempt a last-minute rescue of his followers, but all five hanged as scheduled on the ledge above the tidal pool. Joseph Ballard probably witnessed the executions on his way from Andover.  Soon after, he entered a complaint in Salem before Magistrates Gedney, Corwin, Hathorne, and Higginson against Mary Lacy and her daughter Mary Jr. for tormenting his wife Elizabeth with “strange pains and pressures.”  He even put up a £100 bond “on condition to prosecute.”  (Plaintiffs customarily did this in civil suits, the sum forfeit if the plaintiff didn’t appear in court, but this is the first recorded bond in these witch cases where the accusations seem to have been treated as a public emergency.)  The magistrates issued a warrant for only Goody Lacy, however, and not for her daughter. The bodies of the dead, meantime, were buried (if only temporarily) near the rocky execution site.  By family tradition the Nurses waited for darkness (sunset was about a quarter after seven) then rowed up the North River to the bend by the ledge and exhumed Rebecca’s body.  According to another tradition Caleb Buffum  (a distant relative) noticed this effort from his home nearby and helped carry the remains to the shore.  From there a small craft could slip downstream past town on the midnight’s high tide, then north up the estuary to Crane River and along its narrowing length to the Nurses’ land, where they buried her privately on the homeground. [singlepic id=64 h=300 w=300 float=center]
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