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Martha Carrier, Traitor's Wife ?

[singlepic id=92 w=200 h=200 float=left]Hanged as a witch in Salem on August 19th, 1692 Martha Allen Carrier was initially accused along with her children and sister, Mary Toothaker.  I recently listened to the audiobook version of The Wolves of Andover (retitled The Traitor’s Wife) and am now finishing The Heretic’s Daughter by Kathleen Kent.   These fictional accounts are soundly researched immersing readers into the seventeenth century frontier life of these colonists, eerily capturing the seemingly mundane events that lead to their deadly outcome. Not every victim of the Salem witch trials has much information about their lives before the tragic events, but in the case of Martha Carrier - her family being a prominent one in the founding of Andover - there are many resources for researching her fascinating case.  If you’re reading either of these accounts of her life, you may find the following augmentations thought-provoking. From the Salem Witch Museum Blog: Kathleen Kent: For descendants: Billerica Library: Andover Historical Society: Biographical sketch at University of Virginia’s Documentary Archive and Transcription Project:
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Guests From Sister City, Ota Japan Visit Salem Today

[singlepic id=89 w=200 h=200 float=right]For many years the Salem Witch Museum has welcomed an annual tour group from Ota, JapanThrough a sister-city relationship beginning in 1991, hundreds of teachers and students as well as business, cultural and government officials have visited Salem from Ota. The family of our own Will Parr is extending their hospitality on a very personal level by hosting a “Homestay” student in coordination with the Salem-Ota Club. For more information about our sister city check out the City of Salem website:

The Salem Witch Museum offers our main presentation translated into Japanese as well as 7 other languages.

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