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Ines K., MASupreme Court Decisions Removing Roe vs. WadeWomen Trying to Protect Women's Health
Emma, MMLiberals MediaJoe Biden
GS, OhioNon Christian Faiths AbortionOverturned Roe v. Wade, removing constitutional rights of women and girls.
Lisa, RURussia and Russian People the spread of RussophobiaRussian People
Anonymous, PAOfficials feared that the truth regurding rapes in PA would come to the public's attention. This includes the political affiliation and job title of the perpetrators and the intentional destruction of forensic evidence. Officials became aware that the victims were seeking help after being threatened to stay silent.Multiple rape victims.
Grace, OKEroding Right-Wing Values Growing Trans AwarenessTrans People Panic
Aunama, Honolulu, HICOVID-19 Pandemic New of COVID from ChinaAsian Hate
Karen M., MABeing blamed and unloved. Viewed as incompetent/undervalued/useless/worthless. PTSD/Current Situation/Traumatic Events/Self-MedicatingPeople I care about/friends/family/coworkers who I unfairly and regretfully targeted and made uncomfortable.
Marco, CATrump January 6th ProtestThousands Imprisoned for Minor Offenses
Anonymous, MAInfection Covid19Chinese
Jeo, virginianon christian faiths 9/11muslims
AJ, Hillsboro, MOLess Disposable Income Record High InflationPolitical Leadership
Anonymous, MAWomen Having Autonomy Controlling Men in PowerRoe v. Wade
Eleni, Mesilla, NMFeminist Movement PatriarchyDeviant Women
Kessie, franceamber heard divorcejohnny depp
Josh, MASatan PentagramAstronomy Symbols (note: NOT astrology)
Ash, EverywhereTransgender people Seeing any trans person“Trans panic” defense
Eva, Southlake, TXNon-Christian Faiths 9/11Muslims
Thomas, TXSpread of Communism, loss of US democracy Alleged perpetrators according to Sen Joseph McCarthyPersons with real or unproven Communist sympathies, and their acquaintances
Amelie, Murfreesboro, TNInstability of Careers Since 2008 Fascist Fear Mongering About BLMAcademics, Teachers, Librarians
Savannah, Houston, TXGod/Religion Greg AbbottParents of Trans Kids (Being Investigated)
Mina, Nashville, TNDissolution of Patriarchy/Gender Norms Non-Intersectional FeministsFear of Trans People
Lane, Atlanta, GACOVID ShutdownAsians
Kylie, MApoverty HitlerJews
Siwi, OKIslamist Terrorism 9/11Muslims/Islamophobia
Molly, CADeath Confrontation with ReligionChristians
JW, CAStolen Election Trump LostBlack Communities
Anonymous, Washington StateLosing Political Control American People Waking Up to The Politacal RealityTrump
Phil, pittsburghLiberia Mao ZedongAssassination of JFK
Donna, NHThe Other TrumpImmigrants
Carolyn, MAMisinformation Donald TrumpMedia
Nina, DenmarkSickness Covid-19Hatred Against Asians in USA
Hillary, NYPeople being in charge who spread hate. Fox NewsFree thinking people.
Anonymous, MAGoing Blind The SunSolar Eclipse
Anonymous, MIA student getting a bad grade Parent/s Going to School BoardTeachers
Fintan, April 2022Falling Living Standards Right Wing Culture WarResurgence in Homophobia and Transphobia
Trevor, CADecline of the Ottomans GovernmentArmenians
Anonymous, INPeople being different People being proud of who they areSocial Media
Anonymous, MAInfection COVIDAsian Americans
Ian, CTIron Maiden Devil AlbumSatanic Worship
Andrea, CanadaUkraine’s power and inderpendence Mentally Ill Russian PresidentUkrainian children
Caroline, Atlanta GAImmagrants stealing jobs 2016 electionImagrants
Andy, WAPolice Brutality George Floyd MurderWhite Race Persecution
Morgane, USAMagie Les sorcière cherche la paixSorcière
Max, IATruth ElectionTrump
Tiana, NYUnexplained Happenings Bad LuckBlack Cats
Jennie, ILInfection CovidChina
Anonymous, MA9/11 XenophobiaMuslims
Anonymous, MACommunism Attempted Coup in 1965Indonesian People
Lorraine, NJVirus CovidUnvaccinated
Andreina, Allentown, PAI can't drive my car gas pricesUkraine
Grace, NYGen Z being gay homophobessocial media
Dolores, Hampton, NHItalian Americans and Anarchists Anti-Immigration and Italian SentimentsSacco and Vanzetti
Jed, CACOVID-19 Chinese OriginAsian American Hate
Anonymous, Nevadagun violence shootingblack community
Carrie, ConnecticutA parent having an "average" child athlete Child not getting playing timeThe Coach
Jay, masexuality people changing their sexualitywomen
K, TNBible/God's Word Love of SinObedient believers
Whitney, CAbeing fat/fatphobia body positivity movementfat people
Jake, CAEarth is Flat Inability to think logicallyThe government
David, ParadisRumbling Subjects of YmirDiscrimination against all Eldians
Anonymous, CAwhite people gunsanti 2nd amendment
Anonymous, texasHaving rights taken away biggotspeople trying to live
Anonymous, MACOVID FreedomScience
Anonymous, LASchool Shootings Recent News/ArticlesGamers
Thanh, LAFalling off tall heights People dying from tall heightsTall Buildings with less safety precautions
Bob, MADeath covid-19antivaxxers
Jimmy, NYLearning bad Bad scoreGames are bad
Anono, FLLawlessness CommunismLeft-leaning US citizens
Li, Los Angelesclimate change crazy weathereveryone
Anonymous, MAsexual harassment me too movementfeminists
Felix, IndiaCovid Number of casesPeople
Deanna, NYDeath COVID-19Asians
Tracey, WAWar Vladimir PutinUkraine
Kingsley, CAUkraine-Russia War Russian SuperpowerRussian President
Britain, Oklahomamilk lactose intoleranceanything that produces milk
Seth, NYJews and Other Minorities Hitler/Nazi PartyHolocaust
Anna, MALosing War/Destruction of Property Napoleonic Invasion of Russia in 1812French People Living in Russia
Camila, Neveah, CAvaccine covid 19government
Anonymous, .Covid Rise in Covid CasesChina
Tiana, NYunexplained happenings bad luckblack cats
Elijah and Payton, MABad Grades Test/ProjectsTeachers
Brynn, Ari, ILsexuality people taking charge of their sexualitywomen
Anonymous, IllinoisCOVID 19 Government saying people need to get vaccinatedUnvaccinated people
Judith, MAChild Abuse Mommie DearestJoan Crawford
Alex, NYSexual Harassment J.K. RowlingTrans women
Alice, AKGuns School ShootingGun Owners
Amber, Houston, TexasLosing role as sole maternal figure to your child Ex-husband remarriesStepmother
Teresa, NCTruth Fox NewsTucker Carlson
Teresa, NCRestrictions on immoral behavior Pro-Life MovementChristianity
Grace, GAGun Violence School Shootings"Mental Illness"
Roper, MACovid lot of casesTeachers
Anonymous, everywherehisteria over autism Andrew Wakefeild's BS studyAutistic people
Mendez, ChicagoGen Z Not Being a Successful Generation Too Much Social Media/PhonesTechnology Is Harmful
Kiana, ILJapan/War Pearl HarborJapanese Americans
Dilorina, COOKSexual Harassment me too movementfeminists
Anonymous, ILcollege acceptance society's pressurecollegeboard
Ari, ILSexuality People Taking Charge of Their SexualityWomen
Levi, ChicagoCOVID 19 Government saying people need to get vaccinatedUnvaccinated People
Grace, Connecticutwhite old men white old men in powerDonald Trump
Nathan, TNNot Enough Teachers Art being cut from schoolsPrincipals
Anonymous, North DakotaGuns violenceliberals
Kelly, Uncasville, CTdeath Covid-19unvaccinated
Joe, RIww2 hitlerjews
Anonymous, millie MAwomen deprived of abortion texasgovernor greg abbott
Anonymous, Wipaying $7 a gallon gas prices jackedjoe biden
Quincy, TNWW2 Invasion of PolandGerman People
Andrea, ILPOC standing up for themselves white women tearsPOC
Gabriel, CaliforniaGun violence shootingsBlack community
Chloe, TNClimate Change Carbon EmmissionsPoliticians
Nevaeh, CAvaccine covid 19Government
Lola, cacovid-19 getting sick of covidAsians or Chinese people
Chris, MACOVID MediaDonald Trump
Anonymous, A, NYGun Violence Teenagers Being Bulliedvideo games
Gail, ConnecticutThe United States not being a Christian nation Prayer taken out of schoolsLiberals
Lucia, CACovid Rise in covid casesAsian Americans
Jack, OHEA Sports MaddenColin Kaepernick
Jose, CADomestic violence Extremism Kenosha shootingKyle Rittenhouse
Anonymous, Beijing, ChinaQing States Chinese-Taiwan AnnexationChina
Elijah, Payton, MABad Grades Test/ProjectsTeachers
Elijah, Peter, MAGang Violence Drugs/GunsRap Music
Elijah, MAGen Z Attitude PhonesTechnology Bad
Elijah, MAHeart Attacks Fast FoodFast Food Chains
Eren, Attack on TitanTitans Endangerment of humanityEldians
M, NYFollowing U.S. laws and regulations LiberalsTrump
Peter, MAGang Violence drugs,gunsRap Music
McGregor, MAGun violence School shootingsGun owners
Brent, MAguns gun violencevideo games
Savannah, MACovid-19 Mandating the vaccinePeople who got the vaccine
Payton, MABad grades tests/projectsteachers
Matt, MADeath COVID-19Government
Gavin, MAPolice Brutality George floydPolice
Anonymous, MADisease From Asia CoronavirusAsians
Kendall, MISame sex flirting with you HomophobiaGay People
Music, MASatan Worshiping and Rock Music Rock and Roll MusicRock and Roll Artist
Lillian, Melrose, MATerrorism 9/11Muslims
Casey, PADeath/Sickness COVID/VaccinationsUn-Vaccinated People
Jason, Meredith, Fatma, MAEconomic Crisis In Germany after WWII Hitler Rising to PowerJewish People
Tiana, NYUnexplained happenings Bad luckBlack cats
Sarah, MAPandemic CoronavirusAsian Americans
James, CaliforniaDisability Autistic childrenVaccines
Palmer, U.Scommunists Russian revolutionImmigrants
Jake, CAObesity FatphobiaSkinny people
Grace, NHChallenging social mores Strong WomenWomen with property
Gavin, MAHeart Attacks Fast FoodFast Food Chains
Millie, MAWomen deprived of abortion TexasGovernor Greg Abbott
Antonio, Freetown, MAGen Z attitude PhonesTechnology Bad
Aiden, MACuriosity The JarPandora
Whitney, MApeople from foreign countries COVID-19 pandemicasian people
Kayla, SCPunishment After Death Confrontation Of ReligionAll Christians are bad/Corrupt
Warren, Dublin, IrelandWatching A Boring TV Show A Missing TV RemoteThe Only Other Person sitting in the Room
Sierra, WAStalking/murder Jealousy and obsessionBorderline Personality Disorder
Sarah, New Yorkwomen having bodily autonomy "killing babies"abortion
Anonymous, NY, USANational Attack 911 bombingIslam-americans
Chris, MACOVID MediaDonald Trump
Ginny, Connecticutstolen election Trump & Right Wing Mediademocratic voters
Anonymous, Manhattan, NYbombing buildings by terrorist 9/11Muslims (islam)
Walter, MNPolice Brutality George FloydCops
Anonymous, MADeath of Democracy Insurrection of 1/6/21Democrats
Megan, OHIslam 9/11Arab Americans
Jo, INInfection/Death Covid-19Unvaccinated Individuals Being the “reason” for variants
Zoe, PAInfection COVID-19 PandemicAsian Americans
Anonymous, USCovid-19 and peer pressure News coverage of the pandemic demonizing the unvaccinatedUnvaccinated people
Gabe, MOgun violence shootingsblack community
Laree and Tim, TxCovid spread/infection Government/MediaUnvaccinated
Morris, MACOVID-19 Death Politics/TrumpDemocrats
Veronica, Canada4th wave CovidUnvaccinated
Emily, Boston, MAWomen Having Bodily Autonomy "killing babies"Abortion
Leigh, SCAmerica becoming more diverse critical race theoryteachers and school boards
Kayla Edwards, SCPunishment After Death Confrontation of ReligionAll Christians are bad/corrupt
samuel davidson, North Dakotacommunists mc carthyblack listing people
Walter, USpolice brutality george floydcops
Jackson, Taylors, SCDemocratic Socialism GovernmentJoe Biden
Anon, CATransphobia Straight people who wouldn't date a transgender person"Super Straight"
Adah, GAHell ChristianityPagans
Max, VAPredatory People Complication of Gender BinaryTrans and Gender Nonconformity
Maggie, Saint louiswokeness political correctness, climate change mask/vaccine requirementspandemic
Jillie, Denver, COPandemic Fox News/Trump/ConservativesAsians/Asian Americans
Laplacian Daniel, AustraliaVaccine Covid 19Government
Anonymous, NYGun violence teenagers being bulliedvideo games
John Hamblin, NCHomosexual Harassment Bishop McGuinness High School HarassmentHarrison Satterfield
Alexa, NJTerrorism 9/11Muslims
Alexa, NJRacism Black Lives MatterBlack Americans
Ozzy Osbourne, United StatesSatan Worshiping and Rock Music Rock and Roll MusicRock and Roll Artist
Kevin, Brick, NJNot Getting Money from the Government Being LazyLatinos
Jeff Ruzicka, Solon, IACOVID-19 Dr. Fauci and News MediaUnvaccinated and Doubters
Joanne B, South CarolinaWokeness Political Correctness, climate change mask/vaccine requirementsPandemic
Jeffrey Gao, USAEnd of hand-drawn animation CGI animated film/TVDisney
Natasha, New Jerseycovid 19 increased cases/deathsunvaccinated
Riley Johnson, United StatesDeath September 11Minorities
Jorge Guajardo, MAWar 9/11middle easterns
Reagan, NYChinese Domination New Fun and Popular AppTikTok
Ana, MassachusettsErasure ReligionWomen Reproductive Rights
TJ, MACovid MediaThe Unmasked
Bonnie Hoffmann, VA"Foreigners" Sept 11Muslims
K, MaineDemocratic Socialism Top 1% losing Control of Gov't.Poor People & The Working Class
Emily, NYSickness and Death Novel CoronavirusUnvaccinated
Bess Protocio, NYChina COVID19Asian Americans
Fiona Cui, MASafety Threaten First Case Cov-19 in ChinaChinese and Asian Community
hero, MAwhite supremacy trumpcitizens
Cathi, Pataskala, OhioUnusual or Different Leadership Qualities Conspiracy TheoriesLeft Thinkers and Right Thinkers
Grey, Boston, MAUnemployment Recession (Economic)Marginalized Immigrants
TOM CAPPUCCI, MASocialism GovernmentTrump
Abigail, MADeath The DevilBridget Bishop
Amber, Chicago, ILDiversity Mass ImmigrationHispanic Immigrants/Refugees
Lisa Jevens, Ann Arbor, MIControl/Rules PandemicMichigan Governor Whitmer
Karen, GaOppression CRTCaucasians
Taylor, Redondo Beach, CAPolitics COVID-19Conspiracies
Satyam, Boston MAgrades teachersstudents
Jonathan, ILA virus NewsNon compliant people
M. Perez, Dallas, TXMinorities Rise Donald TrumpLatino Community
Gayle, MAInability to pay bills InflationRich people and government
Usman Mahmood and Gaymr, Round Rock, TXApproval Celebrity CultureSocial Media
Madison, Dallas, TXTerrorism Donald TrumpMuslim Community
Renee, Piscataway, NJViolence TrumpBlack Community
Marcella Velasco, Belmont, MAPosession Different BehaviorAutism
Kimberly Jump, LAVirus COVIDAsian Community
Carly LaReaux, IndianaCommunism CNNJoe Biden
Bethany, Piscataway, NJInfection COVID-19Asian Community
Lillian Ngu, Melrose, MADisease COVID-19Asian Americans
Lillian Ngu, Melrose, MATerrorism 9/11Muslims
Darren Gregory, Creston, BC, CanadaCrazy People are a Threat to Life Person with Mental Illness in CrisisALL PERSONS MENTALLY ILL. There's increase in Police Killings of Persons with Mental Illness in Canada as an Outcome.
Rayma, New York City, NYPandemic CoronavirusAsian Americans
Brittany and Elaine, Stratford, CTCOVID19 Outbreak in AsiaAsian Community
David Rastall, Lansing, MIRacism/Losing White America September 11Mosques/Muslims
Aya, MIDeath COVIDAsian Americans
Lando, PRHomophobia/Trans-phobia Having a sexual preference that doesn't include lgbtqStraight people
Lance, FLFascism TrumpConservatives
Gwendolyn, Brooklyn, NYWar 9/11Middle Easterners
Brienne, Fort Wayne, INCOVID Dr. FauciChinese Americans
Andy Ortiz, Weston, FLInfection COVID-19Chinese Americans
Annette, Damascus, MDSocialism PoliticiansMinorities
Paula, Bloomfield Hills, MIBlack Lives Matter/Minority Violence U.S. Capital StormingWhite Men
Jesiel Centeno, New York, Brooklynmore diseases or sicknesses Using sicknesses to cure sicknessesEnforcing Anti-vaxxers to vaccinate
Aubrey, TNPublic Speaking Presentations/projectsSchool teachers/admin
Keyshawn C., TNDeath dangerous areas/situationsReligious people
Eli Smith, ChattanoogaInteracting with aggressive animals. Kid falling into gorilla habitat.Harambe
Ann S., TNRacism social mediaWhite, people lacking color
Jasmine, TNMasks Covid 19China
Joseph G., CaliforniaNot Getting Into College ParentsVirtual Learning
Savannah, tennesseetrump supporters trumpwhite southerners
Quincy Harvey, TNWW2 Invasion of PolandGerman People
AJ V., GAToo many illegal immigrants in the country unbuilt wall on mexican borderTrump
Kale, TNcovid19 vaccines coronaviruspoliticians/government
Mudar A., TNFailing Online learningTeachers
Mudar A., TNTerrorists 9/11Muslims
Patrick C., Chattanooga, TNGun violence ShootingsBlack people
Carys, TNBeing controlled by the government Articles saying vaccines could have chips in themThe government
Gaby P, TNDrug cartel TrumpHispanics
Brayden C., TNSatanic Ritual Abuse Sexual Abuse in Daycare AgenciesD&D Players
Nathan, Chattanoogagetting attacked by Pitbulls Specific incidentsPitbulls
Tirzah, Chattanooga TNpredators sexual harassmentold men
Aaron M., TNBetrayal and communism Hitler and war PropagandaJewish People
Cate Watkins, TNRapists Men being "entitled" to sexMales
Noah Wolfe, TNJapanese Power Pearl HarborJapanese Americans
Morgan, TNGovernment Control mental illness/allergiesVaccines
Mason, TNGuns School ShootingsConservatives
Anonymous, N/APit bull attack Abuse of pit bullBan pit bulls
Mudar A., TNTerrorists 9/11Muslims
Logan Martin, Chattanooga, TN.Beatles Breaking Up Complications Between BeatlesYoko Ono
Madison McCoy, TNbeing different LGBTQ getting rightsLGBTQ
Luna, TNcovid pandemicchina
Chloe, TNClimate Change Carbon EmissionsPoliticians
Joey Elsrton, tennesseeAIDS Freddie Mercury diesThe entire gay community
joey el;ston, TennesseeGuns AssassinationLee Harvey Oswald
Cai, TNNo more jobs Trump and mediaImmigrants
Matthew, Californiaincreasing crime rates undocumented immigrantsracial profiling of illegal immigrants
Susan Miller, Albuquerque, NMBigoted White Women Karens As All WomenWomen Named Karen
Rob, Flushing, NYGun Violence Teenagers Being BulliedVideo Games
Audrey, Flushing, NYCOVID-19 President TrumpAsian Americans and Pacific Islanders
Aviva, MAUnsafe CrimeBlack People
veah, SCpolice brutality george floydBLM protest
Nancy, CACovid 19 TrumpAsians/Asian American
Hugh Jazz, Nevadafanaticism religious heretics and zealotsMuslims
Ally, New York, NYInfection COVID-19Hate Crimes Against Asian-Americans
Alecia V, LouisianaMagic Unexplained phenomenon of DivinationLabeled Divine women
Damon, TNCoruption Train BasescuRomanian Politicians And Businessmen Opposing Basescu
Steven G., Barrow, EnglandBombings Wars (Middle East)Muslim community
Donna S.B., Cincinnati, OHCrime Decreasing numbers dominant raceImprisoned & racial profiling of African-Americans
Emily, Konyainability to complete homework lecturersstudent
Witt, AZSatan Accused child molestationCalifornia daycare workers
Julia M, RI, USAAutism Faulty StudyVaccines
Marle, MADisease from Asia CoronavirusAsians and Asian Americans
um’unique, CAwomens right Feminismwomen
michelle w, INchild abuse gender-neutral bathroomsthe trans and lgbtq community
grace, chicagoxenophobia COVID19chinese
Esmeralda, CAlack of future thinking Trumpimigrants
Barbara, CAMore war WWIIJapanese-Americans put into Interment Camps
Ary, CAloss of american jobs TrumpImmigrants
Angelica, CAJob Loss And Culture Change Donald TrumpImmigrants
Susan, MassachusettsLosing speed Accusations of gender bias in High TechWomen / feminists
Sarah, NyNazis 2 war mundialAll germans are nazis
Justin B, WIThe demise of democracy Biden's election winMail-in votes/voters
Joe Biden, Washington DCBeing found out Lyndsay GrahamHomoerotism
ina, uSCorona Viirus quarintinechinese people
Gene R., NYLoss of authority, trust, confidence Revelations of sexual abuse of children by priestsThe Priests
Easton, TexasImmigration RacismBrown and Black People
Anonymous, MAFear of a Woman President the 2016 Election/MisogynyHillary Clinton
William, CTInfection and Death COVID-19President Trump
Michael,Terrorist Attacks 9/11Arabic Community
Z, MassachusettsGun Violence ShootingsBlack People
William E., OHHomosexuality Conflicting Internal FeelingsLGBTQ+ Community
Stephanie, PAChanging Supreme Court rulings Death of RBGPresident Trump and Amy Coney Barrett
Sophia M., ILMen's Loss of Superiority RapeWomen/Women's Actions
Sloane, NJDevotion to Islam 9/11Muslim people in China
Sebean, Nathan Pipes, MODrugs/Crimes Donald TrumpBlack lives Matter
Sarah, ArizonaLoss jobs?community Trumpimmigrants
Sam, CAThe unknown Donald TrumpTrump
Sam, MassachusettsChina InternetCOVID19
Ricardo G, ILpolice brutality george floydpolice
Anonymous, chinavaccines corona viruschina
Melissa Bolton, Clinton Twp, MichiganWomen President Republican /TrumpHillary Clinton
Meg R., MNConservatism Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court NominationBrett Kavanaugh
lexi Moore, walmart El Paso Texas 2019gun violence governmentour rights
lauren, lauren maimmigration racismbrown and black people
K. Kelly, VACritical Thinking (esp for yourself) MediaPresident Trump
julienne R., CApresident poor choices and broke promise Donald J. TrumpImmigrants
Julia, TXContracting the coronavirus QuarentineWearing masks in public
Jake, CALoss of Identity Politics TrumpGay Conservatives
Chris H., IDLoss of White idenitiy ImmigrationThe Wall
camille, chinaThe increase of the Muslim religion the influx of the muslim populationmuslims
anonymous, CAdemocrats loosing power anti trump reduraketrump and his sopporters
Anna T., MICOVID-19 Trump placing blame somewhere that is not himself for not acting upon what he knew about the VirusThe Chinese
Alice, CATerrorism 9/11muslims
Williams, INCOVID MediaTrump
Eric, NYCOVID-19 Ineffective Lockdown PolicyYoung People or Super Spreaders
Kristin, MAMiddle East 9/11Muslims
Olivia Darrow, TXTerrorism 9/11Targeted Islamic Community
Wade, MADeath and Sickness COVID-19China
Graciela G, CAPeople Dying pandemicChinese
Mike, KYRacial Division MediaDonald Trump
Lanell R, MARiots Peaceful ProtestsAfrican American Civil Rights
Bridget Ames, USACovid-19 Germseveryone except politicians
goody, MAmagic religion and fearmodern day witches
Anonymous, MARacism George Floyd's wrongful deathAll police officers
Anonymous, MASexual harassment/abuse in the workplace Harvey WeinsteinInnocent men who are financially successful
Kristin, PATerrorism 9/11Muslim Americans
Mary Ann, NYCommunism Progressive PartyDemocratic Party
Amir, NYTerrorism Radical IslamMuslims
Stella, MACorona Medai FearmongeringSelfish People Living Life Without Fear
Anonymous, CABalance of Power George FloydProtestors
Aneeqa, MDTerrorism 9/11Islam
Melissa, MDXenophobia CoronavirusChinese People
Kacey Wong, MACoronavirus Hysterical MediaAnyone Who Disagrees with Shutdown
Stephanie, NYAmerican Economic Decline Immigrant Caravan and ICE RecordsBlaming Immigrants for Everything
Jacob, MAInfection Coronavirus OutbreakAsian-Americans and Chinese
Mandi Dorrell, NJGang Activities The War on DrugsBlack Men
Adrian Y., MAInstitutional Racism George Floyd MurderThe Police
Brandie, MDBad Economy TrumpImmigrants
Jenn, WACOVID TrumpAsian Americans
The War on Drugs, The United States of AmericaLaw Enforcement & All Other Enemies of the Constitution or the People A Caucasian Male Police Officer with a God-Complex & a loaded 9mm Handgun.A Suspicious-looking African-American male wearing a black hoodie at night.
Tyrone M., ChicagoBlack Population Growth Planned Parenthood Center LocationsBlack & Minority Children
John B, OHCountry will be overrun with immigrants Failure to maintain the immigration processLegal Immigrants
Canadarona 2020, Salem, maVirus Corona BeerCandians
Cheryl Palermo, Buffalo, NYDownward Spiral of Economy Covid 19China/POTUS
Amanoa, MAInfection COVID-19Anyone Who Isn't Supportive of Trump
Rakesh, NHCovid Infection Scaremongering MediaDissenters Against Lockdown
Alex, MACOVID-19 Origin of Virus in ChinaAsian People
Tara C., NYThe Beatles Breaking Up John Lennon remarryingYoko Ono
Shelby, FLLosing their White Supremacy (finally) Black Lives MatterBlack People who are just fighting for their right to be treated like a human being
ash, usacovid 19 the media/governmentsocial distancing and wearing masks
Elaine, VancouverCOVID-19 pandemicChina
Jenny, TXPandemic/Uncertainty Economic CollapseAsian Americans
Ange, Francefear of power loss cinematographic industryactresses women
you, MassachussettsCriminality Border WallFamilies Being Separated
RJC, OHCoronavirus spread MediaAll persons- regardless of symptoms or lack thereof
Raquel, MexicoDiscease/illness CoronavirusDoctors/Nurses
political men, USApopularity violencesManga readers
MC, franceloss of influence covis 19china
Lilliana, MAMisunderstanding of Science Pro-life PoliciesWomen
Karen, UTLoss of Individual Freedom Repressive Republican RegimeTheocracy
Olivia, Californiadeath/illness coronavirusmandated vaccines
Maddy K, NYCJob loss in Germany between the World Wars Hitler inspiring extreme NationalismThe Jews
Jayden, MATerror 9/11Muslim Community
Hunter, TXXenophobia CoronavirusAsian Americans
Tommy W., FLTerrorism 9/11Muslims
Tenhir Iyer, CANuclear Annihilation Cold WarCommunists
Rebecca, TXCoronavirus Mass Hoarding and IdiocyChinese
Rachael, MACommunism in the US McCarthySupposed communists
Quinten Kouwenhoven, CAGetting Corona Virus QuarantineChina and Italy
Parkland school shooting, Parkland, FLChildren dying Stoneman Douglas High Schooll shootingGuns
Mario, FlFear of being alone Trump ElectionImmigrants And Women And LGBTQ Community
Karina, FLAIDS A growth of AIDS in the LGBT communityHomosexuals
jack s, flterrorism 911muslims
Holocaust, GermanyMoney is disappearing Jewish businesses were thrivingJewish people
heather, Michiganchristianity in ancient rome emperor nerochristians
Gracie, KSUnplanned Pregnancies Careless PeopleUnborn Babies
Covid-19 Repercussions, GloballyXenophobia Corona VirusAsian People
Lil, NYImmigrants TrumpMexicans and Other Foreigners
Cliff Davis, CTInequality Fake NewsWhite Males
Manny, CanadaPandemics CoronavirusAsian People
Brian, MATerrorism and Extremists 9/11 AttacksMuslims
Alexandria Jones, KYEconomic Instability World PandemicIncrease in Asian Hate Crimes
Alli, MAIllness CoronavirusAll Chinese People
Anonymous, MAFailed Economy Fox NewsImmigrants
Rola C., TaiwanTerrorism 9/11Immigrants
Amanda, CTCoronavirus QuarantineChinese People
Atrego, MAMagic Religion and MediaModern Day Witches
Amy M., CTPolitical Intolerance Widespread Corruption"Everyone is a Russian Agent"
Anonymous, NAVaccines CoronavirusChina
Jillana K., NYImmigration/Racism Poor Economy and Wealth DistributionImmigrants
Kathryn, MAInfection Corona VirusChina/Asian People
Niemi, CAScare Resources/Unemployment Donald TrumpMass Genocide at Southern Border
Bonnie Kay B., TXImmigrants Make America Great AgainBorder Camps and Visa Rejections
Eric, CANew Conservative Judge False AccusationConfirmation Hearing/ Kavanaugh Trial
Squiddy, Swagville, WVCorona Virus MasksChina
Nichole Wofford, NorthamptonBlack male power & strength Obama presidencyUnarmed black men
marissa, Iowabeing poor hitlermuslims
John, Californiahomophobia gay peopledemocrats
Anonymous, CanadaLoss of Economic Status TrumpImmigrants/People of Color
Anonymous, NAU.S. Constitution President TrumpLiberalism
J, NA2016 Election Donald TrumpWitch Hunt of Liberals
Marion, MIImmigrants Donald TrumpMexican Americans
John, PATruth Accurate reporting in the pressThe Free Press
Hayley Bray, NJParent's child being "abnormal" AutismVaccines
E, FLImmigration TrumpAll immigrants
Dave Martinez, LocationDeath Sick GirlWitches
Cooper S., Tejasimpeachment democratsfake news
Rick, KaysvilleGlobal Warming Al GoreTrump
Ed Walters, TXDonald Trump Everthing Trump says/doesTrump Voters harrassed/attacked
Jack, USALoss of cultural norms in Iran Iranian Womens suffrageIranian Women
John Penty, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UKUnemployment Jobs outsourced abroadImmigrants
Adolf S., PolandMass persecution The holocaustInnocent Germans
Salem witch trial, Salem, Massachusettsunexpected events illnesswitches
josh east, GAdrug abuse hitlerjews
unknown, GAhomosexuals the ellen showchristianity
True, PAThe death of traditional media Jokes taken out of contextPewdiepie/online entertainers
Kathy, MOResponsibility PregnancyUnborn babies
Kathy, MOChange ElectionDonald Trump
Stacey, AKpeople who are diffrent death campsJews, Disabaled, Sick people, Ect
Collin, FLSchool Shooters School Shooter Played Nintendo OnceVideo Games
Lia, CAMendacious, intransigent bosses Others claiming power or authorityLower-status employees
Eileen, MAPowerful Women presidential electionHilary Clinton
Michelle, COSouth of the Border Immigration TrumpUndocumented Men, Women & Children
Michael, MAHate, racism, Trumps dictatorship Trump/KKKCanada
Destiny, INViolence Mass shootingsVideo Games
D, NYCommunism/Workers Party (PT) Lula in BrazilLeft wing
Stef M., Bakersfield, CAGhosts ClairvoyanceWitches/ Demonology
rachel, MAinfection aidsgay community
Mitch Smith, NYPolitical Correctness Democrats/Liberal SocialistsPresident Trump, best since Reagan
Miranda McLemore, NCRape/Murder TrumpImmigrants
Carrie, CTMass Shootings Misguided Mental IllnessGuns
Chad, NYStranger Danger Citizens arrested & accused of sex crimesRegistered Sex Offenders
Harvard Li, MAEconomic Recession Trump campaign"China stealing jobs"
Hitler, Germanynazis economyjews
Chandler, ILChange Nationalist LiarImmigrants
Stacy, NeDifferences ImmigrationLatinos
Margret S, CAHomosexuals The Ellen showChristianity
MC, NJAR-15 Gun violenceLaw abiding gun owners
Kenneth, WASafety and Health of Family Drug TraffickingMexicans
Florine/Valentin, FranceFake news PoliticiansMedia
Astrid, FranceImpeachment Ukrainian allegationsDemocrats
Harry W, NYChange IgnoranceEveryone
Astrid, FranceLosing National Security American removal of troops in SyriaKurds
Clara, FRANCECrimes/national security ImmigrantsHomeless people
Emile, FRANCEDeath/Starvation Economic crisesNobilty
Lindsay, FranceIslamophobia attacksheadscarfed women
Gilets Jaunes’s mouvement, FranceMiserables conditions Gilets JaunesFrench Government
Jessyjames, MOWorld war 3 TrumpThe wall
Josie L., WINot safe in our country Donald TrumpEveryone who is democratic
Ben, NYTerrorism and lack of work ImmigrantsTrump
Abi F., INTaliban September 11 attacksMuslims
Nhaj, WIPsychopaths and mentally disturbed people Mass shootingsViolent video games
Victor, RomaniaCoruption Traian BasescuRomanian politicians and businessmen opposing Basescu
Robert, MATryanny TrumpVOTERS for Trump
Madeleine, DXBRacism White copsAfrican-American
kathryn, MIrape/assult rape/assult in a small townwomens trust
Jen, MassachusettsOf witches Witch trials19 people kill
Jamie, MAChange Loss of ControlLiberals/Younger Generations
Chelsae, OHDemons Misguided peopleSociety
JPE, LATerrorism & Economy TrumpImmigrants
John, MAwitches strange occurenceswomen
Anonymous, MIloss of livestock wolveswolf hunting
Anonymous, MAJews Adolf hitlermillions dead
Nick S., MANot being liked Social mediaOur self esteem
Anonymous, MAConversing with Millennials Having said 'The wrong thing"All Millennials
Alicia DelFuego, MAPossessed Dolls ChildrenDoll Manufacturers
Aïssatou,Fake global warming crisis TrumpScientist
Chene, NHLack of Control Anything He SaysPresident Trump
Lauren, MAImmigration RacismBrown and Black People
Jorean, TXRussian Expansion 2016 Election InterferenceTrump and His Associates
Melvin L., MALack of Future Thinking TrumpImmigrants (Good/Bad)
Anonymous, NALosing Jobs ImmigrationAsylum Seekers in Cages
Anonymous, NAXenophobia Great Oppression in GermanyJewish People
Sean S., SingaporeCorona Virus CDC/WHOChinese People
Olivia M., MAUnemployment Donald TrumpImmigrants
Addie K., MDJews and Non-WASPs HitlerPeople in Concentration Camps
Anonymous, NAAlleged Racism and Nazism TrumpBlack Listed Conservatism
H.J. B., AustraliaRefugees Asylum SeekersTrump and Scott Morrison(Australian Prime Minister) as Persecutors
Douglas N., CTFear of Conservatism and Personal Responsibility 2016 ElectionPresident Trump
Jack, TXRussia Donald Trump Elected President"Trump is a Russian Asset"
Wendy, RITerrorism Increased fanaticismPeople of Faith
Joe M., UTFreedom Gay CommunityRegular people
MJ, NJNew Civil War Fake NewsConservatives
Mark, TXSatan-Influenced Christianity Joseph Smith and the LDS ChurchMissouri Extermination Order
Lauren, MAPoverty/Unemployment Poor Economy and RecessionImmigrants
Ana T., TXImmigration President Donald TrumpMexicans
Marie H., CanadaTerrorism 9/11Muslim Community
Mark S., MATerrorism 9/11Muslims
Elizabeth L., NJUnrestricted German Submarine Warfare Inclusion of Germany in WWIDiscrimination and Suppression of German American Citizens
Nana, SpainOld Industries Dying Immigration from South AmericaImmigrants
Anonymous, NAUnemployment Donald trumpScapegoating of Immigrants
Tais, IsraelJews HitlerHolocaust
Madison H., MAPit Bull Violence Attacks and Rough PlayPitt Bulls Banned in Certain States
Larrian M., TXOverpopulation Election of Donald TrumpThe Wall
April A., MARadical Islam 9/11Arabic People
Ava, NJRelease of Politically Damaging Information Dictatorship and political establishmentsJournalists
Suzanne, MATerrorism The PresidentImmigrants and Refugees
Giulia, MAAutism Andrew WakefieldVaccinations
Summer, AZIslam 9/11Racial Attacks and Persecution of Arabs
Ana L. S., MAChange Mass ImmigrationLatinos/Muslims/Migrants
Dennis F., NYImmigration TrumpObama and Democrats
Casey, NYThe Unknown 9/11Muslims
Hadjer L., VATerrorism/Xenophobia 9/11Muslims
Tina B., NYDisease MeaslesForced Vaccination
Betsy, NJNot Having Enough Trump and his baseImmigrants
Mia P., RIInvasion Gang ViolenceMexican-Americans/Immigrants
Katrina, United KingdomFailure of Social Systems Violence and Unrest in the StreetsHomeless persons
Rodrick, ILEconomic Recession and Extradition Bill Pro-Democracy Protesters in Hong KongHong Kong Leaders and Police
Anonymous, NALoss of Jobs/Community TrumpImmigrants
Richard, NJJews Bad GovernmentHolocaust
Anonymous, NATerrorism 9/11Muslims
Lynn D., MEWhite Replacement TrumpImmigrants
Jackie, NJImmigrants President TrumpKids in Cages
Elizabeth, Manchester by the SeaDiseases Vaccinesunvaccinated
Adolf S., PolandMass genocide The holocaustPerfectly peaceful Germans
Jimmy, MichiganDemocrats ObamaNon-Whites
Elisa, MATrump winning president again Fox news2020 elections
Amanda, MDImpurity HitlerJews
Anonymous, NALoss of Superiority Bathroom PanicTrans Women
Harriet B., CTConstitutional Checks and Balances Running a foul of checks and balances"Obama People"
Jennifer, VADrugs/Violence Donald TrumpImmigrants
Anonymous, NALoss of Jobs and American Culture Donald TrumpImmigrants
John Johnson, MSFortnite 8 - Year OldsEpic Games
salem, MAwitches FearTownies
Taylor, PAUSA Big Pharma Opioid EpidemicHealthcare Professionals
Brian D., CAInvasion MigrationCaged Latinx
Dennis H., FLLoss of Power 2016 Election of TrumpRussian Hoax and Ukraine Hoax to Persecute Trump
Toby, MATerrorism Election of TrumpImmigrants on Southern Border
Adam S., CALoss of Democratic Control Impeachment HearingsDonald J. Trump
Frank C., NYUS Instability DemocratsTrump
Terry B., NYDisease MeaslesAnti-Vaccinators
Kara, MALack of Resources TrumpRefugees and Immigrants at the border
Cindy, MAChina Extradition BillHong Kong
salem witch hunt, salemof witches witvh trials19 people killed
Twisty, FLclowns moviescarnivals
Taylor, PAShootings Murderous incelsJoker viewers
mehki, New Yorkdeath hungerjews
Kate M., WILoss of privileged Donald TrumpBrown People
Eric Rudolph, GAHomosexuals Gay ParadesHollywood
Jesus Rodriguez, MaDeath FearDying
Jacob, Tejasconspiracy theorists Area 51 raidingpeople on social media
Gavin, PAWar Pearl HarborJaps
d joseph, washington dccommunism joe mccarthyblack listed citizens
anonymous, CAschool gradesparents and college
Beckie, MOMass killings LiberalsNRA
Made Fajar, MAmissing pets chinaasians
Js, OHThe bubonic plague DeathJews
Anonymous, NAThe Hashemite Kingdom 1973 Yom Kippur WarWest Bank Residents
Stoopy, TnAutism HumansVaccines
Ipps Buggee, HIFear FearConservative Black people
Ben, NJTrump AntifaConservatives
John T., MEFear of Power Loss Corrupt DemocratsTrump
Hyla Morris, PennsylvaniaUnknown Health conditionsAnxiety or untalked about
Alyn, NYRapists and Drug Dealers Donald TrumpIllegal Aliens in Prison Camp
Anonymous, NAImmigration Trump"The Wall"
Robert, NYTerrorism 9/11/01Muslim Community
Neil, IrelandMiddle East 9/11Muslims
Lauren, ORDying Trigger happy conservativesmental illness
Ashley, COImmigration The GOPKids in Cages
J, OhioLosing jobs Technologyillegal immigrants
Anonymous, San FranciscoAIDS Gays and lesbiansGays
Luke B, CAGlobal Warming HumansEverybody
Christopher Yougaume, U.S.A.mass infection vapesthe anti-vax moms
Alanya P., WIImmigration TrumpAnyone non-white
Kelly, PATerrorism Donald TrumpImmigrants
Lexie L., ALTerrorism 9/11South Asians and Pakistanis
Elixabete A. B., SpainTerrorism 9/11Muslims
Naygen G., NYCrime and Sex trafficking Trump's ElectionMillions of South and Central Americans being put in "internment camps"
Gordon D., NYAfrican Americans Police DepartmentMinorities Losing Lives
Anonymous, WAImmigrants TrumpRefugees and Asylum Seekers
Alex, CATerrorism 9/11Muslim Community
Daniela, COUn-Americanism TrumpMigrants
Allison K., MOLoss of Wealth/Capitalism ImmigrationMexican Immigrants
Tod, MALoss of Income/Jobs TrumpImmigrants
Lia R., NJImmigrants "Caravan Invasion"Latinos
Michael, CAXenophobia TrumpImmigrants
Gabby, OHBeing Replaced TrumpImmigrants
Noor, LebanonImmigrants 9/11Islamophobia
Alex M., ILEconomic Instability Donald TrumpImmigrants
Heather, CAArea 51 GovernmentAliens
Chrystina, GA"Super Predators" Politicians (Clintons)Policing of black youth
Rhonda, MNChange TrumpImmigrants
Cooper, CAEconomic Destabilization Several Concurrent and Careless AdministrationsImmigrants (especially People of Color)
Brittany, CALosing "good ole America" Institutional RacismLiterally anyone of Color
Monica, PAImmigrants Trump and White NationalismHispanic Populations
Frank, NJNew Technology ShootingsViolent Video Games
Valerie G., TXImmigrants and Immigration TrumpHispanic/Latino Community
Jess, NYLoss of American Privileges 2016 Election"Illegal" Immigrants in Camps
Julia, ILNationalism and Racism Election of Donald TrumpPersecution of Immigrants, Minorities, and the Poor
Esha, CATerrorism 9/11Muslim Community
Marissa, NJTerrorism 9/11Muslims
Ilana, NJGerman Fall from Grace and Descending into Poverty HitlerJews and Non-German Persecution
Laura, CTJob Loss and Marginalization of White Men TrumpImmigrants and women and LGBTQ+)
Autumn, WVTerrorist Attacks 9/11/2001Muslim Americans
Alice L., United KingdomLoss of National Identity TrumpImmigrants
Chris A., CALoss of Privilege TrumpWomen
Chris A., CAEconomic Hardship TrumpImmigrants
Chris A., CAEconomic Hardship HitlerJews
Chris, TXLoss of Economic Power U=Influx of families at Southern BorderPeople from South and Central America
Jasmin P., NJFailing Economy Exaggerated Media CoverageHispanic and Latinx Immigrants
Sarah, CanadaWhite Supremacy TrumpImmigrant Children in Concentration Camps in 2019
Laura, MDEconomic Downturn Donald TrumpImmigrants
David S., NYTerrorism and the Trade Center Bombings TrumpMuslim Travel Ban and Anti-Muslim Attitudes
David S., NYInvasion & Terrorism Trump"All Latinos Are Bad"
Maryann, ATLoss of White Supremacy Trump22 people (Hispanics) Killed in El Paso
Claire, NJDisease/Epidemics Pharma Greed (Vaccine Profits)Unvaccinated Children/People
Erin, NJCrime (drugs, gangs and rape) Mass Immigration from Mexico and Central AmericaImmigrants from these countries
Craig S., CanadaIslamic Extremists 9/11Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria
Luke, TXHigh Unemployment Influx of Illegal ImmigrantsMexican-American Immigrants
Omar O., FLNazism DemocratsTrump Supporters
Brady, FLIslamic Terrorists 9/11Muslim Americans
Natalie, NYInvasion and Economic Instability TrumpImmigrants and Minorities
Hope, MAImmigration Job LossesImmigrants
Yuiko, MAImmigration TrumpDiscrimination Against People of Color
Joseph, PAImmigration Job LossMexicans
Kirk, MOTerrorism 9/11Arab Males
Erin, NJIslam 9/11Muslims
Norman D., MAImmigrants Donald TrumpSeparation of Internment of families and children
Shawna M., CanadaTerrorism 9/11Muslims
Joshua F. C., CAJews HitlerHolocaust
Maria P., TNLoss of Ethnic Homogenuity Loss of JobsImmigrants
Rachel, MIFear of Immigrants TrumpChildren in cages separated from their families
Omar, CTMuslims Miseducation/ PoliticsMuslim-Americans
Pearl, CanadaDecreasing Industrialization TrumpImmigrants
Jasmine, MALosing a Christian America 9/11Muslims
Michael K., MAThe New England Patriots Ryan Grigson's Misunderstanding of ScienceTom Brady
Nava Simon, NYLosing Jobs/Disease Trump's WordsMexicans/Other Immigrants
Kendal L., NYLoss of Jobs/Poor Economy GovernmentImmigrants
Anonymous, NAA New Civil War Fake NewsConservatives
Annie, MOTom Brady VictoriesNew England Patriots
Jenn V. F., CanadaFailing Economy in Germany HitlerJews
Timothy Dalton, Taco BellArmageddon FrNorth Korea
Shelly, MaPoor economy TrumpHalf the nation
Rei, NYFear: of Lack, of Discomfort Artificial Scarcity + Potential Non-AccessMust Work Hard to Earn Your Place
Mike, New MexicoLiberals LiberalsConservatives
Melissa, MelbourneFailing LazinessAnxiety
Fermin, Los AngelesDeath FearDying
Ashley, Rocklin, CAFinancial loss SickMedical history
Angelia C., Topeka, KSEconomic ImmigrantsMexicans/Latinos/Non-Whites
Aman Rane, AustraliaHeights Bad MantainenceTradies
Carollette Winstead & Julia Garcia, AZLoss of Privilege/Power Election of Donald TrumpMexicans
Damian G, EnglandDifference Lack of ToleranceLaws Against Gays in Russia
Sckylar G., AZLoss of Queity Trump"The Others"/Immigrants
Albert Gomez, TXTrump Democratic LossTrump Supporters
Daniel K., NJChange AntisemitismJews
AJ, MOImmigrants/ Xenophobia "The Caravan"Family Separation on the Southern Border
Melissa C., OHLoss of White Power/Economic Challenges President TrumpImmigrants
Emily H., NJMexicans TrumpWall Separating US and Immigrants
Laura B., MATerrorism 9/11Muslims
Juan M., NYLack of Opportunities Laws Against ImmigrationSeparation of Immigrant Families
Kate R., MAIslamophobia 9/11Muslim and Arab Americans and Immigrants
G. Serrano, MOTerrorism 9/11Blaming of All Muslims
Dakota W., CATrump Wins ElectionRussian Collusion
Sam R., MDOther Religions/Islam 9/11All Muslims
Paulina C., TXTerrorism 9/11Detention/Harassment of Muslims
Aaron G., TXMuslims and Mexicans TrumpBorder Wall
Nikki, UKDifferences The MediaRefugees
I., MIForeign Attacks 9/11/2001Persecution of Muslims
Jessica B., ILDrugs Donald TrumpMexican Americans
Jon, UTAmerica No Longer The Land of Possibility Donald TrumpMexican Nationals
Karen J., NYJob Loss Foreign CriminalsImmigrants from Latin America and the Middle East
Iliana R., OKLosing a White National Identity President TrumpMexicans and Other Immigrant Communities
Jenny, GermanyGetting Sick Black PlagueJewish Population
Rebecca, NYChanging Sexual Norms Legal Acceptance of changePersecution of sex workers
Kaylee, CO9 11 attack Saudi Arabiamuslim
salem, massachusettswitches feartownies
Margaret S, CAHomosexuals The Ellen ShowChristianity
Alexandra Herweg, Germanypoor economy hitlerJews
Joey Zhou, MAAmerica's economy losing domination Trade war with ChinaChinese students and scholars in America
Jon.Darling, Long Island NYDisappeared Civility TrumpHalf the nation
Stephanie, PAGlobalization Trump PresidencyImmigrants
Alyssa, CAOpposing Viewpoints 2016 Election ResultsPresident Trump and his supporters
Sanford, PAFear of "The Other" Instigating LeaderThe Holocaust
Abby, Dallas, TXNuclear War TrumpNorth Korea
Jovanni, CaAttack from terrorist group Loud bangsMiddle Easterners
ashley h, Newport news, VAAbortions HumansTrump
Ashley Snyder, VaDrug abuse MuggingHomeless people
Deedee Ochoa, CAoverpowering of jobs trumpimmigration/ mexicans
Christine, NYOutsider Elected President Donald J. TrumpRussia Collusion
Eric, NYTerrorism 9/11Innocent People on Terror Watchlists
Aaron, OKEconomic Uncertainty Shifting Cultural MakeupImmigrants
Sarah, MNEconomic Loss ImmigrationMuslims/Mexicans
Cosmo, NJTerrorism 9/11Muslims
Sharon, MAAnti-Antisemitism HitlerJews
Greg, MAForeigners 9/11 AttacksMuslims
Raj, USADrug Abuse HitlerJews
Jeff, WIWar GermanyNuclear Winter
Lindsey C, CTterrorism 9/11Muslims
J.D., CATerrorism 9/11Muslim Community
Jackie, CAEnd of Patriarchy Roe v. WadeWomen
Leon, MADeclining White Male Supremacy Feminist Movement and Me Too MovementPlanned Parenthood
Sirena, CTDeath SharksSharks Being Killed
Eric, TXTerrorism ImmigrationForeigners
Jerry, NYReligious Extremism 9/11Muslim Americans
Ben, ARGrowth in Youth Violence Columbine ShootingVideo Games
Aiya, IL9/11 Government/Medical PropagandaIslamophobia
Kendall M., MILoss of Economic Stability Donald TrumpImmigrants
Martrice, FLEconomy Changing TrumpIllegal Immigrants
Lilach, IsraelBad Economic Situation Adolf HItlerHolocaust and WWII
Kathy, NAImmigrants 9/11All Muslims
Rachael R., NYJewish Religion Hitler and NazisConcentration Camps
Heidi, New YorkTerrorism 9/11Muslims
Tanner Granacker, ctnuclear war trumpnorth koreans
Lucy F, MAterrorism 9/11 boston marathonislam
Kareen Pierre-Louis, NYCommunist sympathizer A lot of public support for Joseph Stalin, and Vladimir PutinSays she’s socialist
Michael Lopez, New JerseyNuclear War TrumpNorth Koreans
john, NJnuclear war Cuban missile crisisRussia or North korea
Stephanie, New YorkTerrorism 9/11Muslims
Zed Chen, MAChaos and Bankruptcy Within Africa The BritishRival Tribes
Kris, COTerrorism TrumpMuslims
catherine, MAnuclear war 9/11isalm
REbecca, AustraliaConspiracy of Government jfkLee Harvey Olswalkd
Salem Witch Trials, MASin Strange ActivityWitches
Salem Witch Trials, MAGod/Devil Ergot Poisoning150 accused
The Salem Witch Trials of 1692, MAcommunism Sick girlWomen practicing witch craft
Test, MATerrorism September 11,2001Muslims
jon, materrorism september 11 2001muslims
Ray, MALoss of jobs RobotsMexicans
Roman P., FLRussia Influencing Our Election Hillary Clinton LosingDonald Trump
Sean, ScotlandPatriarchal Guilt and Sexism Me Too MovementsFeminists and Liberal Activists
Amy, NYRacial Differences TrumpImmigrants
Tania, MATerrorists Election of Donald TrumpImmigrants
Vinci, OKImmigrants Nigel ForageEU (Brexit)
Nick, VIIslam 9/11War on Terror
Katy H., UKPoverty AusterityImmigrants
Hannah, CARapists Taking Jobs Donald Trump and ICEIllegal Immigrants
Evan L., RIThreat to Economic Stability Donald Trump/RepublicansImmigrants
Cedric, NYDrugs Ronald ReaganBlack & Mexican Americans
Jacquelyn Ahmad, INInfection AIDSThe Gay Community
Mehki, New YorkDeath HungerJews
Nana, NJLosing Jobs Illegal ImmigrantsLegal Immigrants
Chris, FloridaThe World Ending Climate ChangeHumanity
Nessie May, MAMexican goverment Bad presidentTrump
jeff rosenblat, austrilagod/devil aidsmuslims
CT, Santa Cruz, CAGender Equity Misogyny/Toxic MasculinityWomen
Salem Witch Muesem, MAJapan Pearl HarborJapanese Americans
Abigail, MAGod/Devil Dr.Griggs150 Accused Townspeople
Alaina S., PAterrorism September 11, 2001muslims
Tammie billado, VtInfection AidsThe gay community
wyatt, WAwitch sicknesstituba
Leila, GASchool Shooters Violent VideogamesVideo Game Strike
Colin, FLPoverty HitlerHolocaust
Alicia A., DubaiIslam TerrorismBanned Immigration
Michael M., METerrorism 9/11Muslims
Madelynn, MAAttack From Foreign Powers 9/11Muslims, Sikhs, Brown People
Haydee, FLGerman Economic Recession Post WWI HitlerHolocaust
Nancy, FLRussians Manipulating Elections Hillary Clinton & False DocumentsDonald Trump
Yasmeen, FranceXenophobia 9/11Arabs/Muslims
Madelynn B., MAEconomic Uncertainty Recession & Slow Economic GrowthImmigrants
E., IrelandImmigrants "Taking Over" Donald TrumpThe Infamous Wall
Jerry, NJRace Mixing Donald TrumpBlacks/Latinos/Immigrants
Marci T., NYLoss of Power & Income of the 1% Trump is PresidentBlaming Immigrants
Machy S., FLDisease Anti-Vax MomsKids Unprotected from Disease
Billy, NJDiseases VaccinesAnti-Vaxers
B. E., MAXenophobia/Economic Instability Trump PresidencyUndocumented Immigrants
Jenee B., AzSex Abuse Irresponsible MediaAny person (likely male) who looks at you
Erin, PAIslam Terrorist AttacksMuslim Traveling Ban
Forrest, NAShootings Mental IllnessLaw Abiding Citizens
Isabella, CATerrorism 9/11 & Isis AttacksMuslims
salem witch hunt, MAoutsider women's powerwomen
Sarah Franklin, MAInfection AIDSGay community
Rey, CAGod/Devil AIDSBlack Listed Citizens
Salem Witchunts, SalemOf witches Witch trials19 people killed
Nick Wager, VADrugs/Changing Economy Banking Fraud/Economic HardshipBacklash on Immigrants
sam, magod/devil dr.griggs150 accused townspeople
Brian, MOGod/Devil Dr.Griggs150 accused townspeople
ashley, rochester new yorkimprisonment freedomslavery
andrew, nyinfection aidsthe gay community
Ahmed, Calgary, AlbertaTerrorism 9/11Muslims
Lourdes Richardson, LouisburgGod/Devil Dr. Griggs150 accused townspeople
Jess, PACrazies AsylumsMovies
SWM, MAGod Dr. Griggs150 Accused townspeople
Tiffany, NJTerrorism Isis- 9/11Muslims
Tiffany, NAIntelligence StudentsBudget Cuts to Education
Vanessa, MADiversity TrumpImmigrants
July 18, 2018, MAGod/Devil Dr. Griggs150 accused townspeople
Kristin Crane, RIIslam 9/11Blocking Entree of Refugees
Anastasia Tilson, FLTerrorism/ Al Qaeda/Isis Donald Trump Presidency/ Executive OrdersImmigration Prevention
Nathalie, CAChanging economy & crime TrumpImmigrants
Adebola, NYDrugs Bill ClintonMinorities
Raghu Madyastha, MAFear of losing economic power Trigger of Rising Inflation & Population6 Million Jews Exterminated
Phillip, MEWar/Invasion Religious PersecutionTrans/Queer People
Maria, NJXenophobia TrumpImmigrants
Anonymous, NAEconomic Anxiety from Hyper-Inequality White Nationalists/Trump/Republicans/DemocratsImmigrants & Minorities
Kyleigh Rodgers, MAGod/Devil Dr.Griggs150 accused townspeople
Me, AmericaDepression New studyVaccines
god, magod/ devil dr. griggs150 accused townspeople
TitubaMa, Massachussetsstest de peur Pearl HarborCitoyens inscrits à la liste noire
Text, NYCTerrorist Attack 9/11Muslims
Bryan Lynch, USACommunism Liteally EveryoneRussians
Alonzo Ross-Brown, Providence, Rhode Islanwater pollution lead pipeswater company
Gilbert DeLaCruz, TexasSpirits DemonsDeath
Ayleks, FLdevil unknown illnesswitches
Thomas, SalemTerrorism 9/11Muslims
Thomas, SalemSocialism Republican propagandaBernie Sanders
Victoria, MAJapan Pearl harborJapanese Americans
Anna Mary Fiure, MATerrorism September 11th AttacksMuslim Americans
Nicole Vanapalli, TXgood/evil dr. Griggs150 accused townspeople
JAMR, VATerrorism 9/11Muslim Community
Morgan Fu, New ZealandChristianity EvangelistsWitches
Ana, MAImmigration The Boarder Wall/Asylum CaravanCentral Americans/Latino Community
Amanda A., Costa RicaWomen's Rights FeminismWomen
english, CAinfection aidsthe gay community
Carolyn T., MDTerrorism Trump EraRefugees
Gail R., TXInvading America Trump's CandidacyImmigrants
jack, TNgod/Devil Dr.Griggs150 Accused Townspeople
M C Jeauneau, Franceislam 9/11muslim
Brandy F., FLInvasion/ Lack of Resoruces US/Mexico WallUndocumented Citizens
Jane P., Turks and CaicosEconomic Status and Power Donald TrumpImmigrants
D Joseph, Washington DCcommunism joe mccarthyblack listed citizens
Sneha Saggurthi, MDTerrorism 9/11The Muslim Population
Salem Witch Trials, salemwitches diseasetownspeople
Henry Radoc, MnTerrorisum 9/11Iraq
aldsfj, wijapan pearl harborjapanesse americans
Jessica, Kimberley,South AfricaBoer war South africaThe British taking over
Bobby, NHdeath feministsDonald Trump
Lillian ward, Charlotte, NCGod/Devil Dr.Griggs150 Accused Townspeople
donna, NYgod/devil dr. griggs150 accused townspeople
Pamela Heath, MAGod/Devil Dr. Griggs150 accused townspeople
Anonymous, FranceJews HitlerDeath camps
z, okinfection AIDSthe gay community
Ange, USAInfection AidsThé gay community
Andre Semidey, Portland, ORSocialism ANTIFAAll Urban Youth
Emma Borden, MACommunism HUAC/ Joe McCarthyBlack Listed Citizens
Ally P Mady W Jake O Brady M, MASSBeing different and violating religious beliefs Being open and wanting attentionLGBTQ
James Andrew Daniel kayla matt, MillburyCompetition in the workforce Equal pay and more women workingWoman
School project, MassachusettsTerrorism AttacksMuslims
Kamiren, Leah, and Diandra, MaChange in lifestyle Race wage gap closingAfrican Americans
emily, MATerrorism 9/11Muslims
Anna, Emily, Hannah, MATerrorism 9/11Muslims
taylor, MAsecurity mediaimmigrants
Brandon, MAReplacement More Educated women in the workforceWomen
Sara, NHDevil Dr. Griggs150 accused townspeople
Catriona M, UKTerrorism 9/11Muslims
Eric, Los Angelesterrorists 9/11muslims
Wil, NjCommunism Joe McCarthyBlack listed citizens
swm, macommunism huac/joe Mccarthyblack listed citizens
Maya, OHInfection AIDSThe Gay Community
Stamatiou Anastasia, GRGod/Devil Dr. Griggs150 Accused Townspeople
Morgan, BCGod/Devil Mr.Griggs150 accused townspeople
Anne H., OHCriminalism TrumpImmigrants
Sabrina Pilotti, MAGod/Devil Dr. Griggs150 Accused Townspeople
florew, macommunism hauc/joe mccarthyblack listed citizens
Jeanie Roberts, TXIllness IsolationHugh and Mary Parsons 1651 Witches in Springfield, MS
Samarah, NjJapan Pearl HarborJapanese Americans
PM, MAinfection AIDSThe Gay community
Phillip B., MAEconomic Anxiety and Xenophobia TrumpImmigrants and Refugees
Chelsea O., MNBad Economy/ Crime "Caravan"/ Fear Mongering TweetsImmigrants/Poor People
Elizabeth T., FLInvasion/Job Loss TrumpRefugees
Wafa M., FLTerrorism 9/11 AttackIslamophobia
Carolyn A., MDDeath Dog Bite (Pitbull)Breed Specific Laws
Erik T., PAStolen Livlihood Donald TrumpImmigrants
Leigh B., MA"The Other" TrumpImmigrants, LGBTQ, Racial Minorities, Poor People
Salem Witch Trials, MADevil Dr. Griggs150 Accused Townpeople
Cady, MICommunism HUAC/Joe McCarthyBlack Listed Citizens
Alison, MAGod/devil Dr. Griggs150 accused townspeople
Kendall, MAGod/Devil Dr. Griggs150 Accused Townspeople
Amanda, MAGod/devil Dr. Griggs150 accused townspeople
Ashley, MAdevil Dr. Griggs150 accused town people
Mary, PAGod/Devil Dr. Griggs150 accused townspeople
Shelly Pollard, TexasCommunism Joe McCarthyBlacklisted Citizens
Juan, CAJapan AIDSJapanese Americans
Chelsea, Texassexual assualt Me, Too MovementFamous, Rich Men
Timmy, PaGod/devil Dr. Griggs150 accused Townspeople
liz, cagod/devil peal harborJapanese Americans
hailey, MAgod/devil Dr. Griggs150 accused townspeople
A. Hebel, PAEconomic Recession Following WWI Hitler's Rise to PowerJewish Persecution (Holocaust)
john, magod/devil dr.griggs150 accused townspeople
Jennifer, MoCommunism Joe mcarthyBlack listed citizens
fdahblskfjhlfhsgdljhg, MACommunism AIDSThe Gay Community
Jkveqchb, MACommunism Pearl HarborBlack listed citizens
Clyde thompson, UTterrorism 9/11/01Muslims
Damien Dunn, MSCommunism HUAC/Joe McCarthyBlack Listed Citizens
Anthony, MAcommunism seizureaccused towns people
Siara, CTinfection aidsthe gay community
brock, utahjapan pearl harborjapanese americans
Alec Stanton, CTJapan AidsThe Gay Community
eddie Jackson, weymouth maJapan Pearl HarborJapanese Americans
Mariah LaBarbera, New JerseyMiddle East 9/11Muslim americans
Brian, NyGod/devil Pearl harborJapan
Kathleen, PAGod/Devil Dr.Griggs150 Accused Townspeople
Buff, VAGod/Devil Dr. Griggs150 Accused Townspeople
Kevin, Los AngelesInfection AidsGay Community
Adair, SWM, MAGod/devil Dr. Griggs150 accused townspeople
Neeka, TexasGod/Devil Dr.Griggs150 Accused Townspeople
Nancy, GAcommunism Cuban Missile CrisisEmbargo
tituba, salem MAgod girlswomen
Witch Hunt, MAWitch Getting SickWomen
Dan, CTFinancial hardship Great RecessionImmigrants & poor people
Shelby, FloridaJapan Pearl HarborJapanese Americans
Denise T., LARepublican Supreme Court Justice Me Too MovementKavanaugh Trial
The Pope, MAGod Dr.Griggs150 Accused Townspeople
virginia, msinfection aidsthe gay community
Natalia, PolandPolish Freedom EconomyIron Curtain
Natalia, PolandUnpure Race Jewish PeopleHolocaust
Charlie Jones, Cleveland Ohiosexual harrasment me-too movementJudge Brett Kavanaugh
Eva G., WAEconomic Uncertainty "Migrant Caravan"Refugees and Immigrants
Carol J., AZNew or Unknown Change Mass Media HypePresident Trump Ridicule
Anonymous, NAConservatism Sexual AssaultsHigh Profile Leaders/Men
Rob P., MATerrorism Donald TrumpPersecution of Muslims
Catalina S., CTTerrorism/Intrusion Donald TrumpMinorities and Immigrants
Frances, MAGod/Devil dr griggs150 accused people
Steven Coutrier, MAGod/Devil Dr. Griggs150 Accused Townspeople
Firstname Lastname, MAInfection AIDSThe Gay Community
Melissa Zielinski, NYCommunism HUAC/Joe McCarthyBlack Listed Citizens
Christopher, NJCommunism HUAC/Joe McCarthyBlack Listed Citizens
diego, pintoçcommunism Joe McarthyBlack list citizens
Morgan, New JerseyInfection Pearl HarborBlack Listed Citizens
Tamra J., PA"Preventable Diseases" Measles OutbreakUn-vaccinated
Anonymous, NAFear of Conservatives President Trump ElectedTrump Supporters
Anonymous, NARepublicans President Trump nominates KavannaughKavannaugh Trials
AM, CTGod/Devil Dr. Griggs150 accused townspeople
Jennifer Sunderland, RIDiversity TrumpImmigrants
Jesse, New YorkInfection AidsThe Gay Community
lindsey, ohiocommunisim Joe McCarthyblack listed citizens
Kylee Bishop, ILInfection AIDSThe Gay Community
Cody, MaJapan Pearl harborJapanese americal
ashley, CAGod/Devil Dr. Griggs150 Accused Townspeople
Anonymous, magod/devil dr. griggs150 townspeople
Justin Knighton, CAJapan Pearl HarborJapanese Americans
NA, MADevil Dr. Griggs150 accused people
Frances Derge, Frederick, MDGod/Devil Dr. Griggs150 Accused people townspeople
na, maDevil behaviorWitches
Jeremy, MACommunism HUAC/Joe McCarthyBlack Listed Citizens
Carlos, MAGod Dr.Griggs150 Accused Townspeople
Joe Mcarthy, MACommunism HUACBlack listed citizens
Joe Mcarthy, MACommunism HUACBlack listed citizens
Karli, NYJapan Pearl HarborJapanese Americans
Kelly, KYJapan Pearl HarborJapanese Americans
salem, massachusettswitches fitswitch hunts
KB, MAwitch Dr. Griggs150 Accused Townspeople
david, wvjapan pearl harborjapanese americans
natalie, SWM, Magod/devil Dr.giggs150 accused people
Gwen, IADevil afflictionRebecca Nurse
Ramey, TexasGod/Devil Dr.Griggs150 Accused Townspeople
Anthony, SCJapan Pearl HarborJapanese Americans
Nina, MAGod/Devil Dr.Griggs150 Accused Townspeople
Ralph, MAGod/Devil Dr. Griggs150 Accused Townspeople
Elisa, MAGod/Devil AIDS150 Accused Townspeople
chasity, Georgiainfection aidthe gay community
Cameron, TexasCommunism HUAC/Joe McCarthyBlack Listed Citizens
sarah, MAdevil dr. griggs150 accused towns people
Adrienne E., NhCommunism HUAC/joe mccarthyBlack listed citizens
Teri, MaInfection AidsThe gay community
Jennifer, crown pointgod/devil Griggs150 accused townspeople
nic, MIinfection dr. griggsblack listed citizens
Kendall Polansk, MAGod/Devil Dr. Griggs150 Accused Townspeople
Cotton Matters, MAGod/Devil Dr.Griggs150 Accused Townspeople
nick palmer, MAinfection AIDSblack listed citizens
Adriana, JerusalemChristianty JesusJesus' Death
Rick Louis, AmericaRepublicans The 2016 ElectionDonald Trump
David, ILWiches Bad teachingTroubled teens
RC, MOAbandonment of Christianity in the United States Religious IndoctrinationAtheists
vern, Coloradogod/devil dr. griggs150 accused people
Brian, IlJapan Pearl HarborPeople
Emily, NHGod/Devil Dr. Griggs150 Accusd Townspeople
Salem witch trials, SalemWitches The girls confessingHanging
Emily, NHJapan Pearl HarborJapanese Community
Liz smith, NyGod Dr griggsTownspeople
James, MAGod/devil Dr. Griggs150 accused townspeople
Nayeli, MassachusettsGod/Devil Dr.Griggs150 acussed townspeople
Juno Barnsdale, MIInfection AIDSThe Gay Community
Donald Trump, Washington DCImpeachment Russian CollusionDemocrats
Salem Witch Trials, MAGod/Devil Dr. Griggs150 Accused Townspeople
asd, magod/devil Dr.Griggs150 accused townpeople
monica, VAgod/devil dr griggs150 accused townspeople
Grace, ArlingtomInfection AidsThe gay community
Ryu, SWM, MA/ July 18, 2018God/Devil Dr. Griggs150 Accused Townspeople
Josh Wann, OKcommunism joe mccarthyblack listed citizens
Laura, GAcommunism huac/joemccarthyblack listed citizens
John, MAJapan Pearl HarborJapanese Americans
Anne Jones, USALiberal Thinking TrumpImmigrants
person me person, mahate speech truthright-wingers
Tom Cruise, MANazis HolocaustJews
Jennifer, MarylandGod/Devil Dr. Griggs150 Accused Townspeople
Christina, CTGod/devil Dr griggs150 accused townspeople
Nicolette, CaliforniaJapan Pearl HarborJapanese Americans
Kristen R., NJCrime Immigration ProblemsLatinos
Marine Baudrier, Franceterrorism 11/09Muslims
Mariya, KSInfection AIDSThe Gay Community
Jarod, GAInfection AIDSThe Gay Community
rosa, nhgod dr. griggs150 accused townspeople
SWM, MAGod/Devil Dr.Griggs150 Accused townpeople
Joshua Olson, ArCommunism HUAC/Joe McCarthyBlack Listed Citizens
Brooklyn NYC, NYterrorism September 11, 2001Muslim
ceeceewilliams, MAInfection aidsthe gay community
kristal, illinoisinfection aidsthe gay community
Paris, COSin Woman IndependenceWitchcraft
vern, Coloradogod/devil dr. griggs150 accused people
Joshua M, CaliforniaTerrorism 9/11Muslims
Heidi, COWomen Changing The weird symptoms that women started to experienceWitchcraft
Liam Fletcher, COChina DonaldTariffs
Lea, SCInfection AIDSThe Gay Community
swm, magod/devil dr.Griggs150 accused townspeople
Hai, MAGod/Devil Dr.Griggs150 Accused Townspeople
Camden, Golden, COJews Nazi'sHaulocost
Jacob McClue, COLoss of culture POTUSImmigrants
dtytykgui, The U.S.Infection AIDSThe Gay Community
Delaney, TXDevil Dr Griggs150 Accused townspeople
Chad Logan, MADonald Trump UnemploymentChina
Gryffin, COeconomic short fallings HitlerJews
danielle, MAgod/devil DR.Griggs150 Accused Townspeople
Angelina, CAACommunist HUACBlack listed citizens
Lisa, TexasGod/Devil Dr. Griggs150 Accused Townspeople
Jamie, MAGod/devil Dr. Griggs150 Townspeople
Shonda, OKGod/Devil Dr. Griggs150 Accused Townspeople
Tanya, Georgiacommunism HUAC/Joe McCarthyBlack Listed Citizens
Melodie D., NACannabalism Desire for LandIndian Relocation to Reservations
Melanie W., WAInferiority and losing majority status Trump ElectionNon-Whites
Laura H., MDTerrorism #45 President TrumpImmigrants
Ali S., MATerrorism IsisMuslims
Gary M., RIGuns Parkland ShootingNRA
Nicholas Wayne G., MAGun Violence School ShootingsVideo Games
Adriana F., MADifferent Points of View, Diversity and Immigrants Trump, The Wall, and RepublicansFamily Separation of Immigrants
Alice S. A., Rio de JaneiroImmigrants TrumpFamily Seperation
Marc L., RIEnforcement of Immigration Laws Lawful ElectionDonald Trump
Lynn D. P., MIXenophobia Donald TrumpUndocumented Immigrants
Amy, Rockwall, TexasTerrorism 9-11Muslims
Erica, CTLoss of White Majority Status Donald TrumpIllegal Immigrants
Douglas B., MDLoss of Power Changing DemographicsImmigrants
Vivian G., NHRussia Donald TrumpPolitical Hysteria
Lynn D., MIXenophobia Donald TrumpUndocumented Immigrants
Larry C., MARussian Invasion Mueller ProbePresident Donald Trump
Peter H., MDCrime Misinformation and White SupremacyAfrican Americans
Christian B., WATerrorism Mass Immigration Caused by Syrian Civil WarIslamic Refugees
Anonymous, NATerrorism 9/11Muslims and Immigrants
M. S., NJTerrorism 9/11Muslims
Melissa M., NYDeath/Illness Cultural Fat PhobiaFat People
Tim W., NYFake News DemocratsDonald Trump
Philip H., CADonald Trump News MediaHating All Republicans
Anonymous, NAImmigrants Donald TrumpChild Internment Camps
Alou M., NYRussia Fake CollusionTrump Impeachment
Denisha H., CAEconomic Instability in post-2008 Recession U.S. Immigration CrisisMexicans and other South-American Asylum Seekers
Tatiana F., NYImmigration TrumpFamily Separation of Immigrants
Stephanie, IANegrophobia Trump & 2016 ElectionRiots & Arrests/ Killing of Minorities by cops/Resurgence of KKK
Parker H., GALow Economy I.C.E.Hispanic/Latino Community
Amber K., ILPoor Economy and Growing Wealth New Presidential AdministrationUndocumented Immigrants blamed
Katrina L., GATerrorism 9/11 and the PentagonMuslim Community
Maria K., NADeath/Terrorism 9/11Muslims through hate crimes
Kelly S., VACrime Donald TrumpUndocumented Immigrants
Soma C., DenmarkEconomic Insecurity Refugees WavesAll foreigners from poor countries
Anonymous, NASadam Hussein Weapons of Mass DestructionIraq War
Leslie T., UKDecline of Western Dominance Fundamentalist Terrorist AttacksOrdinary Muslims
Lesli T., UKOutsiders and Ethnic Minorities Immigration Wave of 2010sAsylum Seekers/Refugees
Barbara M., MAMuslims 9/11Muslim-Americans, particularly by Trump
Brigid K., NHLoss of Power Strong/Ambitious FemalesHillary Clinton
David H., VATerrorism 9/11 & IsisMuslim Americans
Sean S., NJEconomic Insecurity Automation in JObsImmigrants
Nicholas P., GAXenophobia Struggling Economy/Lack of faith in governmentICE detainment camps
Angelica, MALoss of resources from Middle East 9/11/2001"Muslim Terrorist" Stereotype
Olivia L., NCWhite People being a minority TrumpUndocumented Immigrants
Christine P., VAAutism/Special Needs Jenny McCarthyVaccines
Hamish C., CanadaFood Poisoning and Animal Cruelty Mistreatment of Animals and SicknessLocal Small Scale farmers wishing to raise sustained organic and ethical produce
Hamish C., Canada"The Enemy" 9/11 Attacks in NYMuslims/Arabs
Lorelei C., NCJoblessness Economic DownturnImmigrants
Elizabeth F., CTImmigrants Donald TrumpNon-Whites
SWM, MAInfection AIDSThe Gay Community
SWM, MAGod/Devil Dr.Griggs150 Accused Townspeople
SWM, MACommunism HUAC/Joe McCarthyBlack Listed Citizens
SWM, MAJapan Pearl HarborJapanese Americans
D. Leff, NJWomen being assaulted Kevin Spacey, Woody Allen, Donald Trump"Any Man Who Flirts is a Predator"
Nicole H., NH"The Other"/ Immigrants Trump/MediaChildren kept in cages
R. Soto, NJJob Loss TrumpImmigrants
Sam Roth, CATerrorism September 11Muslims
Nathan Pipes, MODrugs/Crime Donald TrumpBlack Lives Matter Movement
Nathan P., MODrugs/Crime Donald TrumpMexican Immigrants
Lily F., CADog Bites/Attacks New and Sensational MediaBreed Specific Legislation
Sophia and Claire, NYFear of the Unknown JawsSharks and Fear of Sharks
Christinea, NYCriminals Donald TrumpMinorities
Christina, NYGateway Drugs War on DrugsMarijuana
Amy B., NYTerrorism 9/11 attack in NYC, PA flight and Pentagon AttackDiscrimination of Muslim Community
Anonymous, NAIntelligence HitlerHolocaust
Anonymous, NATerrorism Trump/Trump CampaignImmigrants
Jacqueline G., MNLoss of Safety CrimeMuslims
Anonymous, NAImmigrants Loss of JobsDonald Trump
Meagan S., TXPropoganda HitlerJews/Holocaust
Jack A., KSRussia LiberalismDonald Trump
Luis N., SpainIslamophobia 9/11All Muslims
D. Yaroz, CAFear of Losing Control Rising diversity in the voting populationZero Tolerance & Criminal Acts Towards Immigrants
Kate R., MAIslamophobia 9/11Arab/Muslim Americans
Ashley F., MAUnemployment Donald TrumpImmigrants
Susan B., AustraliaIndustrial Decline and Change Job Loss/TechnologyImmigrants/China
Anne Marie R., MIImmigration UnemploymentZero Tolerance Immigration Policy
Nissa N., CAChange/Loss of Power Trump/Ultra-ConservatismImmigrants
Britt, NAHispanic Immigrants and Muslim Immigrants Donald TrumpChildren in detention camps & Hate crimes & Travel bans
Chris R., ALEconomic Decline Donald J. TrumpIllegal Immigrants
Suhan, MAEconomic Worries Hispanic low-wage workersImmigration Ban
Rob B., Canada#MeToo Movement Harvey WeinsteinMen
Meg M., CAPoverty & Joblessness TrumpImmigrants
Linda S., MAIslam Isolated Acts of TerrorismImmigration Ban of Muslim Majority Countries
Nicholas S., NJTerrorists 9/11Muslims
Susan T., COImmigrants as murderers and rapists Trump AdministrationImmigrants through travel cruelty and travel restrictions
Caelainn K., Dublin, IrelandXenophobia TrumpHundreds of displaced immigrant citizens
E. O’Brien, CanadaJewish World Domination Rise of NazisExtermination of Jews
O.W., COEnslavement Russian CollusionTrump
Angelica W., AZImmigrants Trump PoliticsXenophobia & Racism
Grace B., AustraliaJob losses Decline of Old IndustriesImmigrants
M. Susei, RussiaThreat to Independence/WWIII Russian Intervention into US electionsRussians
Nataliya Meshtova, VATerrorism 9/11Muslims
Aarya S., NJBreakdown of German Economy after WWI HitlerJews and others of non-Aryan race
Sarah Essman-Frie, WIIslam Religion/Terrorism 9/11Muslims
Christina Hahn, MDTerrorists/Islamophobia 9/11Muslims
Ceylin D., TurkeyDifferent Types of Americans TrumpNew Immigrants
Mohamed M., MAIslam 9/11Muslim Ban
Laura Camacho, NEEconomy TrumpChild Separation of Hispanic Illegal Migrants
Tarek Wegner, WAFox News TrumpImmigrants
Diana El-Sherif, CAChange 9/11Muslims
Irene S., FLDifference and the Unknown Violence and loss of economic resourcesImmigrant Families
Mary Margaret D., NYLoss of American Values Election of Donald TrumpPeople Who Are Different
Nessa C., NyLosing AMerican Jobs Donald Trump ElectionImmigrants
Nathalie P., CanadaLoss of Power/Influence TrumpImmigrants
Jamina A., PATerrorism 9/11Muslims
Henrique K., CanadaXenophobia TrumpImmigrants
Henrique K., CanadaTerrorism 9/11Arabic Community
Javier, Puerto RicoMiddle East 9/11Persecution of Muslims
Janice S., CanadaImmigration and Economics Donald TrumpMexicans and Muslims
Michelle W., INChild Abuse Gender-Neutral BathroomsThe Trans and LGBTQ Community
Mary L.A., TXCriminality from Other Countries Border WallFamilies Being Seperated
Ariel P., TXEconomic Uncertainty Populist LeaderRefugees and Immigrants
Jack M. A., CanadaMore Immigrants 2017 Mexican Border ProblemUndocumented Immigrants
Chris H., IDLoss of White Identity ImmigrationThe Wall
Clara, IDFear of Islam Radical Islamic TerrorismAll Muslim People
Steven S., NYBeing Poor Economic CollapseJews
Johanna Y., CAJob Loss and Culture Change Donald TrumpImmigrants
Keith M., CAWealth/Power Illegal ImmigrationDonald Trump
Heather V., OHTerrorism 9/11Muslims
Henrique K., Montreal, Quebec, CanadaXenophobia TrumpImmigrants
Abel P., Austin, TXEconomic insecurity Populist leader (Trump)Refugees, immigrants
Mary A., Houston, TXCriminals from other countries Strict immigration policyImmigrant families, children
Irene S., Cape Coral, FLPeople who are different Violence, the economyImmigrants / immigrant families and children
June K., Bedford, MAImmigration TrumpImmigrant children
Mary C., Cropseyville, NYLoss of American values Election of Donald TrumpPeople who are different
Nathalie P., Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaLoss of power / influence TrumpImmigrants
Nessa C., Cropseyville, NYLosing American jobs Donald Trump's electionImmigrants
Jamina A., Alburtis, PATerrorism September 11thMuslims
Henrique K., Montreal, Quebec, CanadaTerrorism September 11thMuslim community
Javier C., San Juan, Puerto RicoMiddle East September 11thMuslims
Alondra R., Orlando, FLImmigrants taking over the U.S. ImmigrantsLatinx community, immigrants
Janice S., Ottawa, Ontario, CanadaImmigration, economic downturn Donald TrumpMexicans, Muslims
Sonia C., CAImmigration Families seeking helpMigrant children
Michelle W., Franklin, INChild abuse Gender-neutral bathroomsTrans/LGBT community
Jack M., Toronto, Ontario, CanadaMore immigrants Border problemsUndocumented immigrants
David P., Paris, France"Others", loss of identity Rise of populism, TrumpImmigrants
Clara, IDIslam Radical Islamic terrorismAll Muslims
Paulina C., El Paso, TXTerrorism September 11thMuslim
Kathryn B., Walnut Creek, CATerrorism September 11thIslam, Muslims
Sam R., Centreville, MDOther religions, Islam September 11thAll Muslims
Steven S., New York City, NYBeing poor Economic collapseJews
Dakota V., Chino Hills, CATrump 2016 electionRussian collusion
Greighsen S., Warrensburg, MOTerrorism September 11thAll Muslims
Kate R., MAIslam September 11thMuslim / Arab Americans, immigrants
Juan M., New York City, NYLack of opportunities Laws limiting immigrationImmigrants
Dr. Amy B., Lancaster, NYTerrorism September 11thMuslim community
Laura B., Arlington, MATerrorism September 11thMuslims
Johanna Y., Pleasanton, CAJob loss, culture change Donald TrumpImmigrants
Melissa C., Westerville, OHLoss of white power, economic challenges President TrumpImmigrants
Terence H., KYTerrorism Donald TrumpMuslims
Deborah B., MDTerrorism Donald Trump's PresidencyIsolation and Persecution of Rights of Islamic and Muslim Americans
Lorinda D., GAPedophilia Certain Catholic PriestsEntire Catholic Church
Terence H., KYLoss of White Majority Donald TrumpImmigrants (especially from Mexico and Central America)
Josiah, PhilippinesCorruption Actual Political CorruptionPhilippines lower class
Benjamin Sauder, AZTutsi People (thought to be traitors) Death of Rwandan PresidentRwandan Genocide (mass murder of Tutsis)
Susan Clark, CTSexual Orientations that differ from "the norm" Legalization of same-sex marriageMovements to find new ways to restrict LGBTQ rights
S. Tyson, NCSocial Unrest German populism/ HitlerPersecution of Jews
Morgan, MAViolent Crime "Crack" epidemicYoung African-American Men
Beth Kun, MAOutsiders Rise of NationalismRefugees/Immigrants
Anonymous,Racial Integration Adolf HitlerJews, gypsies
Michael A., Derry, NHTerrorism September 11thMuslims
Bern K., Arlington, MA"Outsiders" Rise of nationalismRefugees, immigrants
Jill M., Tukwila, WAImmigration Alt-RightInnocent immigrants
Morgan, MAViolent crime Crack epidemicYoung black men
S. Tyson, Raleigh, NCSocial unrest Populism, HitlerJews
Liz S., Sacramento, CAIslam / different religions, darker skin September 11thMuslim / Middle Eastern Americans
Chad N., Gilbert, AZTerrorism September 11thIslam
Dennis B., Onsted, MIImmigration Donald TrumpPeople of color / non-whites
Fabiano R., Springfield, MADeath Mass shootingsGuns
Kirk D., Lincoln, ILTerrorism September 11thMuslims
Farie Q., Queens, NYOsama Bin Laden September 11thMuslims
Rob H., LondonHeavy Metal Music A Boy's SuicideOzzy Osbourne
Hillary, NYRussian Collusion Trump ElectionPresident Trump
Guinevere W., NYImmigration GovernmentImmigrants
Anonymous, Amsterdam, NetherlandsTerrorism / Islam September 11thMuslims
Mary Denise B., Portland, ORLoss of national identity ImmigrationImmigrants
Krish G., New York City, NYTerrorism 9/11 and other terrorist attacksMuslims
Andrei S., Montreal, Ontario, CanadaGypsies Theft and loiteringAll Romanians
Isaias D., Dallas, TXReason or truth TrumpThe media
Adithi S., Sunnyvale, CATerrorism Donald TrumpMuslims
Esther R., Fort Worth, TXHomosexuality in schools Calls from parentsStudent behavior
Cameron P., Brantford, Ontario, CanadaChildcare system Satanic panicDaycare / preschool faculty
Joseph K., Saco, MENew England Patriots "Deflategate"Tom Brady
Gaye O., Belmont, MAEconomic insecurity Immigration, recessionImmigrant communities
Paul B., Melbourne, AustraliaLoss of white power TrumpImmigration, Muslims
Rebecca K., Summit, NJOther cultures / races MulticulturalismImmigrants
Zachary M., Bradford, NYGlobalization, Terrorism Donald TrumpImmigrants, minorities
Casey P., Reading, MATerrorism TrumpInnocent immigrants
Eric A., WIRacism/Economic Instability Global Economic ChangePersecution of Immigrants
Rivken, NYBlack Equality Police ShootingsBlack Incaceration
J.B., WIRussian Collusion DemocratsMueller Investigation
Anonymous, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaTerrorism September 11thMuslims
Eric A., Madison, WIEconomic instability Global economic changesImmigrants
Mary Jo K. and Daniel M., Winona, MNRacial equity / justice Social movements (Black Lives Matter)Black Lives Matter, black identity "extremists"
Carolina, Sherman Oaks, CATerrorism TrumpImmigrants
Ravneet Kaur G., Cedar Rapids, IARacism HatredImmigrants, people of color
Patricia R., Surprise, AZImmigrants Trump"Dreamers"
Jessica G., Boston, MACrime TrumpImmigrants
Noemi O., NVImmigration HatredMexicans
Stanley Xoeze B., Stockholm, SwedenRape Feminism / #MeToo movementMen
Sean D., Huntington Valley, PATerrorism / Economic collapse Trump, "nationalism"Muslims / Hispanics
Ferran G., Athens, GAGuns School shootingsThe Second Amendment
Rivken S., Ithaca, NYBlack equality Police shootingsBlack incarceration
Kristin C., RIA Bad Economy Immigrants"Build a Wall"
Anonymous,Terrorism Isolated attacksMuslim community
Renee and Jim, Portland, MEEconomic decline Donald TrumpImmigrants
Shaun, CAFear of sexual differences Conservative religion/sTransgender people
Shannon, CAJob loss, loss of opportunity Donald TrumpMinorities
Sean L., CTTerrorism September 11thMuslims and people of Arab descent
Saad Hafeez A., Milton, MAIslam Terrorists attacksMuslims
Alana W., Quincy, MAWar in the Middle East Suicide bombingsMuslims
Danielle E., Westbrook, METerrorism TrumpMuslims
Sarah K., Gloucester, UKIslamic extremism / Terrorism 9/11, London bombingMuslims / Immigrants
Nicholas Connor W., Wilkes-Barre, PAEconomic collapse of Germany Hitler's rise to powerThe Jewish people
Erin C., Wilkes-Barre, PATerrorism September 11thIslam
Anonymous,Bombing Kim Jong-unKoreans
Anonymous,Terrorists September 11thMuslims
Gary H., NYTerrorism September 11thMuslims
Ed I., Bristol, RIItaly / Axis powers World War IIItalian Americans
Ben D., Chelsea, VTTerrorists September 11thMuslims
Samantha J., Chelsea, VTTerrorist September 11thMuslim people
Anonymous, Brookline, MAImmigration TrumpNon-white people
Alexandra T., Uxbridge, MAIndependent women / female authority Who knowsWomen, "angry feminists"
Matthew G., Bethpage, NYTerrorism ISISMuslims
Andrew Paul S., Lafayette, LAISIS / terrorism Trump's wild accusations, racismMuslims
Pam P., United KingdomTerrorism, misunderstood religions September 11thMuslim citizens and countries
Heather M., Fraser, MITerrorism 9/11, terrorist attacksMuslim Americans
Jared Robert G., Hoschton, GAGuns ColumbineMarilyn Manson
Milena B., Los Angeles, CASeptember 11th Rash decision to warAmerican Middle Easterners, Indians, North Africans, or any Muslim
Janice B., Portland, METerrorism TrumpMuslims
Marissa Ann Dacken, NYViolence/ Terrorism Immigrants/ImmigrationChildren, women, men, families
Marissa D., Port Jeff Station, NYViolence, terrorism Immigrants / immigrationImmigrant children / families
Leah B., Salem, MATerrorism Paris attacksSyrian refugees
Anna G., Ewing, NJTerrorism September 11thMuslims
James S., Cincinnati, OHDeath Great Fire of RomeChristians
Jordana C., Brisbane, QLD, AustraliaIslamic fundamentalism, terrorism 9/11 and the Bali bombingsMuslim Australians
Mohammad J., Burlington, MAIslam September 11thMuslims
Lynn L., Hillsborough, NJTerrorism September 11thMuslims
Tiffany D., Burlington, NJTerrorism Terrorist attack/sMuslims
Penelope L., Reading, MAChange, miscegenation Bathroom billsTransgender people
Matthew C., Deatsville, ALIslam Terrorism in Middle EastSyrian refugees
Laci H., Indianapolis, INTerrorism TrumpMuslims
Susan A., CanadaObama (black president) TrumpImmigrants & women
Anonymous, Pawtucket, RIUnemployment RecessionImmigrants (Legal and illegal)
Anonymous, GermanyDifferent cultures & religions Refugee crisisForeigners
Anonymous, Tuscon, AZIslam September 11thMuslims
Katherine R., Boston, MARadical Islam September 11thArab Americans
Katlyn T., Monterey, CATerrorism 9/11, unrest in the Middle EastMuslims
Debbie S., New York City, New YorkImmigrants 9/11, terrorismAll minorities
Darcy S., Cincinatti, OHCountry falling apart Political rhetoricImmigrants
Maya Marie F., Atlanta, GAStruggling middle class Donald TrumpImmigrants / people of color
Priya, TXOther cultures / religions Economic recession, attacksImmigrants, Mexicans, Muslims
Sharon S., Westport, CT"Foreigners" TrumpMuslim community
Erin M., Montpelier, VTTruth Donald TrumpJournalists
Jacob S., Mt. Gilead, OHGuns ShootingsLaw abiding gun owners
Taylor T., NHGuns Mass shootingsResponsible gun owners
Matthew B., Sudbury, MAGermany's decline HitlerJews
Shanti D., Schenectady, NYJews in Europe Adolf HitlerJews
Shuree S., North Ogden, UTGuns Mass shootingsMentally ill people
Audrius A., Evergreen Park, ILRussian collusion Firing ComeyDonald Trump
Christopher S., Boston, MAChange The far rightPresident Donald Trump
Eugene C., East Lansing, MIMale domination Presidential electionDonald Trump
Sten E., Copenhagen, DenmarkSexual abuse Weinstein caseMen engaging in any sexual activity / relationships
George John C., Willowbrook, ILSexual abuse Harvey WeinsteinWomen
Taleen L.,Terrorism September 11thImmigrants
Bethany R., Salem, MATerrorism September 11thMuslims, immigrants
Marcella S., Lake Worth, FLISIS TrumpMuslim community
Robert P., Worcester, MATerrorism September 11thMuslim community
Melody D., Stamford, NYTerrorism Hate, ignoranceMuslims, immigrants
Tiffany B., Glendale, AZTerrorism September 11thMuslim Americans
Nancy B., Boston, MATerrorism September 11thMuslims
Mary P., Boston, MAIslam / Syrian refugees Terrorist attacksMuslims
Emerald M., Chicago, ILTerrorism September 11thMuslim Americans
Betty B., Leominster, MAIslam WarRefugees
Irving R., Dana Point, CAArabs, Muslims Terrorist attacksMuslims
Zeynep G., Istanbul, TurkeyIslam / different religions September 11thMuslims
Brittany B., West Hartford, CTTerrorism, 9/11 WarIslam, Muslims
Ashley D., Lincoln, RITerrorism September 11thMuslims
John F., Syosset, NYIslam, immigrants / refugees BrexitImmigrants & Muslims
Sabba M., NJMuslims 9/11, extremismMuslims
Charlotte P., Vineyard Haven, MATerrorism ISISMuslims
Celeste H., Northampton, MAIslam "taking over" September 11thMuslims
Alison R., Woodbury, NJThe Middle East / Muslims White supremacy"Terrorists"
Wendy M., Westborough, MAIslam September 11thMuslims
Jacquelyn S., Brooklyn, NYIslamophobia September 11thMuslims
Margaretta G., Washington D.C.Islam ISISArab / Muslim community
Misbah M., Palmyra, NJExtremism September 11thMuslims
Jodi Ann R., Ithaca, NYTerrorism Donald Trump, Muslim banMuslims
Elena N., Worcester, MAIslam September 11thMuslims
Daniela, MAImmigration and Job Security TrumpDACA Recipients and Undocumented People
Anonymous, NHTerrorism Misrepresentation of IslamMuslims
Colette, MAFinancial Insecurity Job Market CrashImmigrants
Barbara, WIChild Molestation Overeager Prosecutor1980's California Daycare Workers
Anonymous, MALosing Identity Terrorism or CrimeForeigners/Immigrants
Clare, ScotlandRadical Muslims/ISIS Trump and NewspapersFear of Syrians and Rejections of Other Refugees
Donna S.B., Cincinnati, OHCrime Decreasing numbers dominant raceImprisoned & racial profiling of African-Americans
Donna S.B., Cincinnati, OHJob loss Trump statements about crimeImmigrants
Donna S.B., Cincinnati, OHReligion September 11thMuslims
Steven G., Barrow, EnglandBombings Wars (Middle East)Muslim community
I. S. R., Preston, UKDifference TrumpMuslims
Elizabeth P., Lynn, MATerrorism ISIS / Al-QaedaArabs/Muslims
Devon D., Cambridge, MA"Others" September 11thMuslims
Stephanie T., Torrance, CASecurity TrumpMuslims
Elizabeth N., No. Stonington, CTTerrorism September 11thMuslims
Salvatore B., Lorraine, Quebec, CanadaTerror September 11thMuslims
Jane D., Nuneaton, UKTerrorism 9/11 (US) & 7/7 (UK)Muslims
Katrina E., Winter Springs, FLTerrorism 9/11 & other incidentsMuslims
Mr. & Mrs. Ludlow, UKFalse belief of being an ethnic minority Trump's campaignCharleston
Euginio L., Seattle, WAImmigration & Russia Current administrationMistreatment of Russian people & other immigrants
Fritz G., Helena, MT"Trumpism" ​ Jobs, "rapists", drugsImmigrants
Julian B., Norwich, CTTerrorism Politics, mediaImmigration
Wendy R., New Canaan, CTImmigrants JobsIllegals, children born here from immigrants
Rachel D., Allston, MAUndocumented immigrants & xenophobia Influx of undocumented immigrantsLatin American immigrants
Maggie R., Newbury, MALosing our way of life Donald TrumpImmigrants
Sarah S., Wallingford, CTDrug cartels Donald TrumpPeople of Mexico
Diane K., Gorham, METhe unknown Donald TrumpImmigrants and people of color
Elisabeth A., SDLoss of culture, jobs, lifestyle TrumpImmigrants, minorities, trans people
Rubert G., Coventry, EnglandEconomic downturn Outspoken presidential candidateImmigrants
David C., Boston, MAEconomic instability Donald TrumpImmigrants
Jan H., Marburg, GermanyUnemployment Donald TrumpRefugees
M. Valentin, NetherlandsAmerican downfall Drugs & weapons over borderMexicans
Nieda S., U.S.Terrorism & religion ​ Trump & racismImmigrants
Andrew, MAJob Security and Safety Trump and Anti-Immigration ThinkersImmigrants/Documented and Undocumented
Elizabeth N., N. Stonington, CTLosing autonomy Political rhetoricImmigrants
David D., N. Stonington, CTLosing jobs Political rhetoricDreamers (DACA)
James O., Gettysburg, PARussian involvement in 2016 election Trump's electionPresident Trump
Dr. Larisa G., Flushing, Queens, NYVaccines Moms who are uneducated RepublicansChildren with disease
Gemma T., AustraliaAnxiety & social media PharmaceuticalDrugs for anxiety
Olicia N., United KingdomRapid climate change Trump renouncing human impactScientific community
Theresa A., Smithfield, VALoss of government charities LiberalsDonald Trump
Joseph O., Boston, MADonald Trump & MAGA supporters Fake news, James HodgkinsonSteve Scalise
Bethany, NYTrump TrumpAnyone Who Isn't a Straight White Male
Lynne E., Westborough, MACrime Police brutalityYoung black men
Lynne E., Westborough, MAImmigration UnemploymentImmigrants
Jennifer M., Boston, MAProgress Donald TrumpPeople of color, LGBT community, feminists
Karcu, DERacism TrumpMinorities
Pat, MAPoor Economy HitlerJews
Judy, ILFear of Terrorism Donald TrumpMuslims and Immigrants
Lucy, MATerrorism 9/11 and Boston Marathon BombingIslam
Jamal, TXDrug Abuse MuggingsHomeless People
Leslie, CanadaTerror Attacks and Christianity Disappearing Terrorism and More Visible Muslims in U.S.Muslims
Karina, MANuclear War TrumpNorth Koreans
Jem, UTPolitical Racial Tension Donald TrumpPolice Officers and Black People
Diana, MATerrorism September 11thIslam
Debra, NJChange UnemploymentImmigrants
Lauren, WIMisogyny Donald TrumpHillary Clinton
William, MDDrugs Abundance of ArrestsIllegal Immigrants
Jessica, NYGermany's Devastation After WWI Adolf HitlerJews
Yichen, MAISIS Terrorist AttacksAll Muslims
Lance, MAFear of Change Liberal MediaPresident Donald Trump
Louis, CAEconomic Necessity Loss of Manufacturing JobsImmigrants
Millicent, OHEconomic Depression HitlerJewish People
Pamela, MATerrorists Extremists and TrumpImmigrants
Mark, NJReality LiberalismTrump
Linda, MATerrorism in U.S. 9/11 and ISISAll Muslims
Linda, MALoss of Jobs/Benefits Immigration (Legal or Illegal)Kick "Dreamers" Out of U.S.
Ella, NJUnemployment Loss of Manufacturing JobsImmigrants
Hannah, CanadaThe Sexuality of Girls TV Shows Like "To Catch a Predator"Internet Usage by Girls Instead of Internet Usage by Pedophiles
Stefanie, MAMedical Cost and Discomfort With Non-Traditional Lifestyles TrumpTransgender Community
Tristan, NYTerrorism September 11thMuslims
Nagesh, United KingdomMiddle Eastern Wealth 9/11 and Oil PoliticsIslam
Nagesu, United KingdomEconomic Depression TrumpImmigrants
Scott, NJDonald Trump Not Accepting Defeat by DemocratsRussian Interference Conspiracy
Daniel, CAIslam Terrorist Attacks by Marginal GroupsAll Muslims/Creating the "Terrorist" Stereotype
Douglas, MDLoss of White Political Dominance ImmigrationMinority and Poor Voters
Carol, CANon-Traditional Sexual Orientations TrumpTransgender Community/Military Ban
Carol, CATerrorism TrumpMuslims
Carol, CARape and Other Crimes TrumpImmigrants and "Build a Wall"
Cami, VAAnti-Slavery Joseph SmithMormons
Earle, WATerrorism Increased ViolenceMuslims/Muslim Ban
Ayal, NYNot Understanding Transgender Identity ​ Presidential Ban of Transgendered People in MilitaryMarginalization of the Transgendered Because People Don't Understand Science
Jonathan, MAJob Loss Fossil Fuel RegulationClimate Change
Leslie, Canada"Murder" of Babies Abortion ClinicsAbortion Doctors and Women Who Have Abortions
Andrew, NVConfederate History Dylann RoofRemoval of Historic Monuments
Betsy, NYEconomic Loss Hitler and NazisJews
Peter, CTSeptember 11th MuslimsImmigrants
Jae, NYTerrorism 9/11/Paris AttacksMuslims
Betsy, NYTechnology Overtaking Human Labor Donald Trump and FriendsLatinx and Black Americans
Frank, NJUnemployment Illegal ImmigrantsMass Deportation of Mexicans
Lucinda, CAPrejudice DisrespectPresident Trump
Susan, MANational Security Donald TrumpImmigrants
Stacey, COUnstable Economy/Unemployment ImmigrationMuslim and Mexican Immigrants
Sara, MAFemale Independence and Birth control Abortion RightsFemale Sexuality
Anonymous, MADeath of Children School ShootingsGuns
Anonymous, MAIllegal Immigrants Donald TrumpImmigrant Children
Anonymous, MABad Economic Conditions TrumpImmigrants
Anonymous, MAEconomic and Electoral Growth Governor Boggs and Missouri Executive Order 44Mormons
Anonymous, MAEconomic Decline of White Middle Class TrumpImmigrants
Anonymous,Economic Insecurity Increase in Immigration/Trump's ElectionImmigrants
Anonymous, MALocal Terrorism Radical IslamMuslims
Anonymous, MARadical Jihadists 9/11 Terrorist AttacksMuslims Living in America
Anonymous, MAReligious Extremism September 11thIslam/Muslims
Anonymous, MAIslam 9/11 and TrumpMuslims
Anonymous, MAIllegal Immigration TrumpU.S. Citizens
Anonymous, MAIllegal Immigrants UnemploymentLatin Community
Anonymous, MAImmigration TrumpPeople of Color
Anonymous, MAEstablishment Politics Election of TrumpConservatives/Trump
Anonymous, MACrime in Schools ColumbineVideo Games, Marilyn Manson, Alternative Trends
Anonymous, SwitzerlandViolent Intolerance Indoctrination by Humanistic ThoughtChristians and Christianity
Anonymous, MAWASP Values Overturned Spanish Speaking PeopleAll Mexicans
Anonymous, MADeath Mass ShootingsGuns
Anonymous, MAIslam Donald TrumpAmerican Muslims
Anonymous, MATerrorism AttacksRefugees
Anonymous, MAChanging USA TrumpNon-White Americans
Anonymous, MAWhiteness Diminishing Affirmative ActionBlack Community
Anonymous, MADeath/Illness Poor HealthHealthcare System/Doctors
Anonymous, MAFacts Fake NewsDonald Trump
Joe, TXEconomic Inequality/Insecurity Donald TrumpUndocumented Immigrants
Carole, NJRussian Hacking Trump's ElectionRussian Collusion
Sara, NYTerrorism September 11thMuslims
Alina, Trinidad and TobagoPoverty EconomyTrump
Madelyn, MALoss of White Privilege Donald TrumpImmigrants/Ethnic Americans
Emma, MAGun Violence PoliceBlack People
Robert, MATrump 2016 ElectionRussia
Robert, MAGuns ParklandNRA
Max, MATerrorism September 11thMuslims
Kathryn, CATerrorism 9/11Islamophobia/Muslims