Wadsworth Cemetery

Parris in Wadsworth Cemetery

Located on Summer Street, about one-tenth mile north of its intersection with Maple Street. Several persons connected with the hysteria are buried here.

Elizabeth Parris, wife of Reverend Samuel Parris,
is buried here beneath a stone carved in the style of the Boston stonecutter William Mumford (Plate 2). Elizabeth was mistress of the Salem Village parsonage in 1692 and died four years later, aged “About 48 Years.” Her husband wrote her epitaph. It reads:

Sleep precious Dust no Stranger now to Rest.
Thou hast thy longed wish in Abrahams Brest.
Farewell best Wife, choice Mother, Neighbour, Friend.
Weel wail the less for hopes of Thee i th End.

The cemetery also contains the unmarked graves of two of George Burroughs‘s wives
who died while he was minister in Salem Village. During the hysteria, their ghosts supposedly appeared to his accusers, claiming that he had murdered them and seeking vengeance.

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Wadsworth Cemetery, Danvers, MA 01923

Wadsworth Cemetery, Danvers, MA 01923

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