A Salem Witch: The Trial, Execution, and Exoneration of Rebecca Nurse


Newly published in the fall of 2021, this is a welcome addition to the list of fascinating books about the Salem witch trials. Historian Richard Trask (author of The Devil Hath Been Raised) says, “Meticulously researched, Gagnon’s account traces Nurse and her family through their New World settlement; the dramatic events of her accusation, trial, and final execution; and her legacy.” Adds historian Marilynne Roach (author of The Salem Witch Trials and Six Women of Salem), “Gagnon unravels some previous assumptions and suggests new lines of inquiry. The bibliography and notes are valuable resources in themselves.” (hardcover, 2021)

Gagnon, who serves on the board of the Rebecca Nurse Homestead Museum in Danvers, MA, has autographed our copies.


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