Halloween Bag 2021


Introducing an ALL-NEW Halloween Bag for 2021! Our Halloween Bag was so popular last year, we decided to do it again! Designed to bring a little bit of Salem Halloween to you, this year’s bag includes:

A canvas tote with an image from a vintage 1920s postcard

A reproduction of Mary Blain’s 1912 book Games For Hallow-e’en

A mini witch hat, and a little history of the origination of the pointed witch hat

A sticker with the Salem Witch Museum logo

A little bag of candy, with selections from our own childhoods – candy corn, a candy necklace, pixy stix, and who can forget – wax bottles!

And to top it off, a fall leaf from Salem, hand-selected and pressed. This is the only item repeated from last year. We heard from so many of you that this was your favorite thing!

Each of these bags is hand-assembled with care, so please be patient with us as we work to get your orders out in a timely manner.

Please note: the tote should only be washed in cold water and air-dried to avoid shrinkage.



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