The Krampus and the Old, Dark Christmas


The Krampus, a folkloric devil associated with St. Nicholas in Alpine Austria and Germany is now becoming part of the American Christmas. (He is especially popular in Salem!) But the old world from which he comes knew a very different holiday, one haunted by ghosts, witches, and devilish figures. (paperback, 2016)

“[Al] Ridenour (Offbeat Food) serves up an immensely accessible, well-researched history …” –Publishers Weekly

“Gleefully erudite … well-researched and sumptuously illustrated … Ridenour’s book deserves to become a classic in its own right.” –Los Angeles Times

“A wonderful book documenting the larger world of the Krampus, the tradition’s historical development, and its religious and folkloric roots.” –Reading Religion, A Publication of the American Academy of Religion


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