Our Museum offers two exhibits. The main presentation consists of an audio visual history of the Salem Witch Trials, which takes place in a dark room and may be frightening for younger students.

Our second exhibit is a guided tour which looks at the evolution of the word witch and examines incidents of witch hunting. Please inform the staff prior to Museum entry if you do not have time for this exhibit or would prefer not to include it as part of your museum visit.

Please use the following checklist to maximize the enjoyment of your visit with us.

Upon Arrival

  • You will be given admission stickers to distribute among the students.
  • Make sure you have chaperones attend to students (One chaperone for every ten students.)
  • Turn off or mute cell phones and put away camera or video equipment.
  • Dispose of gum and trash and put away any food items.
  • If you have any students requiring special accommodation, please bring it to a museum staff member’s attention.
  • Have group members give attention to the museum staff upon entering for further instructions.
  • We do not encourage entering the gift shop prior to your Museum experience as during peak visitation we may be at capacity and wish to ensure your group’s safety.
  • Should any students need to use the restrooms prior to Museum entry, please see a staff person and provide a chaperone to escort students to the restrooms.
  • Our admission area has a variety of information panels, a case of replica clothing and a 17th century clothing video. If time permits we will admit the students in groups of ten with their chaperones to read the panels. Please note that we will have panels available on our website should your group not have the opportunity to read them.

In Museum Presentation

  • Students are asked to sit around the circle and quietly wait for staff instructions.
  • Students will be joining people who are not a part of their groups, so we ask for their consideration.
  • Group members should make a note of thier sticker color as we sometimes split the group in preparation for their tour of Witches Evolving Perceptions.
  • At the conclusion of the presentation a staff member will remind the group which way to exit.
  • As your group leaves the auditorium we ask that chaperones survey the room and ensure that students have collected all of their belongings.

Guided tour of Witches: Evolving Perceptions

  • Your students will be escorted into a small exhibit area. If your group is large we may take them into the exhibit in two halves. As one tours the other will wait in the gift shop and have an opportunity to use the restrooms. While in this exhibit we ask:
  • For students to be respectful of their guide and the visitors joining them and enter the exhibit quietly.
  • Please do not touch the set or figures contained within.
  • We welcome questions from your group and our staff will be happy to answer at the conclusion of the tour.

Visiting the Gift Shop

  • Your students will be moving through the gift shop at some point during their visit with us. In some instances they may be asked to wait for their tour and will need to listen for an announcement guiding them to a staging area
  • Please be aware that the gift shop is under surveillance.
  • While in the shop we ask that the group keep their voices down.
  • When making purchases all items are placed in a Salem Witch Museum bag with a receipt. Until the group leaves the Museum and Museum Shop they must keep their items in the package and be able to produce their receipt if asked.
  • After purchases are made: if students have not seen the second exhibit, they may line up for the tour. Our staff will give you directions on where the students can wait.
  • If your group has visited the second exhibit, please have (a) chaperone(s) on the front walkway so the students can leave the store and wait outside. This step ensures that Museum exits are not blocked and that your group will be safe. The safety of your students while at the Museum is of utmost importance to us.