Happy October! Tickets go on sale at midnight for the upcoming day. We are not requiring proof of vaccination at this time however, all visitors MUST still wear masks in all Salem businesses. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS at this time. CLICK HERE for detailed information on how to visit Salem and the Museum. Please note - Tickets are sold ONLINE and we highly recommend purchasing them before you arrive. Plan carefully and add extra travel time as traffic is VERY HEAVY especially on weekends and the City of Salem strongly urges you to use public transportation. Note that we cannot switch your ticket times and WE DO NOT REFUND IF YOU MISS YOUR PRESENTATION.

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The Not So Good Life of the Colonial Goodwife

Virtual Event

Binge-watch Vikings, Turn, or Frontier, and you’ll see people being disemboweled, tortured, and decapitated – but you won’t see anything about menstruation, chamber pots, birth control, breastfeeding, or poopy babies. It’s 2021! Even though Google cars have been invented and women won the vote 101 years ago, these “unsanitary” subjects still make people uncomfortable and...


Hidden History: Japanese Internment and Other Asian American Witch Hunts

Virtual Event

Our museum’s mission is to be the voice of the innocent victims of the Salem witch trials of 1692 while also bringing awareness to how the lessons and patterns of historic witch hunts relate to society today. In our exhibit, Witches: Evolving Perceptions, we present a formula that can be used to describe the pattern...

The Life and Death of John Proctor

Virtual Event

Join us for an afternoon virtual lecture given by Peabody Historical Society curator Kelly Daniell. In 1692, John Proctor was 60 years old, was a successful business man, had sired seventeen children by three different wives, and was outspoken about his feelings against the witchcraft hysteria. Now infamous as one of the primary characters in...