It’s October and you want to visit the Salem Witch Museum! Here are some helpful tips to secure your admission at one of Salem’s busiest museums.

2022 – Unprecedented traffic – Special Advisory Link 2022

Patchouly - Visit October
  • Purchase your tickets online! We sell tickets for same day only. Tickets are not available at the door.
  • During the month of October, traffic is VERY heavy coming into the city (on weekends you might tack on one to two hours extra just for traffic) and parking is extremely limited. Please plan accordingly when selecting your ticket time. If you are late, we cannot accommodate you, and there are NO REFUNDS.
  • Once you've purchased your ticket, make note of the time you are to arrive to check in. A staff member will direct you to the appropriate check in/sticker holder line where your scan code will be scanned in and you'll receive your timed ticket.
  • If you do not see your email confirmation, check your SPAM folder.
  • Please check your ticket for the check in time and arrive promptly. Do not show up too early as we must minimize the number of visitors on the front plaza.
  • Visit - to download the new Salem, MA app and find other helpful information.
  • Please allow one hour and fifteen minutes for your visit at this time of the year
  • Do not bring your suitcase as we do not have room to store it, and we do not allow suitcases into the building.
  • Backpacks are subject to search.
  • In case of severe weather - consult our homepage "Special Alert Red Banner" for the latest information on hours of operation."


  • We accept most major credit cards as well as Traveler’s Cheques
  • Admission for Adults is $17.50, Senior Citizens $16.00, and Children 3-14 years of age $14.50
  • At this time we are not accepting library pass or hotel vouchers.
  • For the GoBoston Card, visit the “Purchase Same Day Ticket” link at the top of our website.  Once you’ve successfully entered your GoBoston numbers, you will need to check in at the Museum 5 minutes prior to your reservation time, to have your Museum Code scanned AND have your GoBoston codes scanned as well. It’s important that you select the your timed tickets to the Museum early in the day to guarantee you’ll be able to visit that day as we do sell out online very early.
  • Certain third party vendors sell a limited number of admissions to the Museum.  When they sell out of their allotment of “tickets” their website states that the Salem Witch Museum is “Sold Out”. Most often that is not the case. Please contact the Museum before assuming that we are not available. Because of COVID-19 we now only sell museum tickets through our website. They are available for purchase by clicking  on the Purchase Same Day Tickets Link and reading the terms and conditions to secure your tickets. Choose carefully as tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE, and because we sell out, we are unable to switch your time and day.