John Houlton House

The records show that John Houlton and Jonathan Walcott filed a complaint on May 28 against several accused “witches,” among them Martha Carrier of Andover, Wilmott Redd (alternate spelling Read) of Marblehead, Elizabeth How (alternate spelling Howe) of Topsfield, John Alden of Boston, and Mary Toothaker of Billerica, charging them with afflicting Mary Walcott, Abigail Williams, Ann Putnam Jr., and Mercy Lewis.

John, born circa 1667, was the son of Joseph and Sarah Houlton who lived in the house at 19 Centre Street. He was about 25 years old during the time of the witchcraft delusion.

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27 Centre Street, Danvers, MA, USA

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Private residence. Not open to the public.

27 Centre Street, Danvers, MA, USA