More About Proctor’s Ledge Memorial

A simple memorial, designed by landscape architect Martha Lyon, was dedicated on July 19, 2017, the 325th anniversary of the hangings of Sarah Good, Elizabeth Howe, Susannah Martin, Rebecca Nurse, and Sarah Wildes. Embedded in the semi-circular wall are stones engraved with the names of the nineteen victims.


It is unclear when the name Proctor’s Ledge came into existence. The area was apparently owned by Proctors at one time, though is not directly connected to John Proctor who was executed here on August 19.


Additional note: The intersection of Boston and Proctor Streets, just a short distance from Proctor’s Ledge, was the location of the Korn Leather Company in 1914. On June 25, a chemical fire began here which burned for 13 hours, sweeping through Salem and destroying nearly 1400 buildings, rendering 18,000 homeless or jobless. It is a devilish intersection.


Pope Street

The memorial is located in a residential neighborhood. There is no parking, so visitors are advised to park at Gallows Hill Park and walk down the hill to the site.