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Solart-Woodward House

Just a short distance to the north of the Old Burying Ground, separated from the cemetery today by the Wenham Country Club and two houses, is the Solart-Woodward House.

Here, in this beautiful, three-story gray house, situated side-ways to the street, “The Frenchman” John Solart (alternative spelling Soulart) ran a successful inn. The father of two sons and seven daughters, Solart built the house circa 1670, when his daughter Sarah (whose married name would later be Sarah Good) was 17. Sadly, in 1672, Solart committed suicide by drowning himself. When Sarah’s mother remarried, Sarah and her sisters struggled to gain their rightful inheritance, suing to get a small amount of property. After two unsuccessful marriages to Daniel Poole, who died leaving Sarah with debts, and William Good, a laborer who never had enough work, and so was not able to care for his family financially, Sarah was rendered homeless in Salem Village. Known as a pipe-smoking, muttering beggar, Good would go door-to-door with her 4-year-old daughter Dorothy in tow. Dorothy would later also be accused of witchcraft, and both implicated her mother and confessed, making her the youngest person to be imprisoned during the witch trials of 1692. Sarah Good, at the age of 38, would become one of the first three to be accused of witchcraft. She was ultimately convicted of witchcraft, and was executed alongside four others on July 19. It is perhaps one of the most eye-opening retrospections to see the circumstances into which she was born and understand how life’s events brought her so low.

106 Main Street. Private residence. Not open to the public.

Across from, and slightly north of, Tendercrop Farm.

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106 Main St, Wenham, MA 01984, USA

106 Main St, Wenham, MA 01984, USA

Photo by Faxon Michaud, Salem Witch Museum.

Solart Woodward House