More About Thomas Haines House

During the witchcraft trials, Haines, along with neighbor Nathaniel Ingersoll, testified that Abigail Hobbs claimed her father William left the house when the Bible was read. This testimony during the April 22nd examination of Hobbs contributed to his being jailed.


On May 17, Haines was one of the twelve men who took part in the inquest examining 17-year-old Daniel Wilkins’s body after his death. It was believed that the specters of John Willard and Sarah Buckley had choked the life out of Wilkins.


A decade after the witchcraft delusion had passed, the Haines family emigrated to New Jersey, where records note the sale of 500 acres from Nicholas Winton to “Thomas Haines of Menneton Creek.” Today’s Mannington Township is part of Salem County, NJ.