Flying Kitchen Witches


Kitchen witches are back in stock! These beautiful kitchen witches come in classic plaid, or sequined jewel tones. These ladies are 10″ long and come with a string attached, so they can fly anywhere in your home. Each witch has a unique, hand painted face–no two are quite the same! They feature bendable wire arms and legs, so you can pose these witches any way you want.

These items are a best seller! Due to frequent changes in stock, please select whether you would like plaid or sequin fabric for your witch. We will pack whichever color we have in stock at that time. If there is a particular color that you would like more than the others, please specify which color you would like in the “notes” section. The plaid witches come in orange or red, and the sequin witches come in pink or blue.

We do our best to make sure that each item shipped is the best possible condition and quality. Because each witch is unique, the one you receive may vary from the product images. Fabric may become compressed during shipping, and may need to be fluffed when unpacked. This item is not a toy and not recommended for children.



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Plaid, Sequin