Inside Out: A Memoir of the Blacklist


Author Walter Bernstein was blacklisted during the McCarthy era of the 1950s. With the perspective and insight afforded by the passage of fifty years, the author vividly recalls an entertainment community torn between those who were willing, and those who refused, to denounce their friends, and he provides unforgettable glimpses of leading Hollywood figures such as Burt Lancaster, Elia Kazan, Bette Davis, and Zero Mostel. (2000 edition, paperback)

Reviews for Inside Out: A Memoir of the Blacklist:

“The best book on the Blacklist I have read.” -Arthur Miller, author of The Crucible

“. . . a lovely piece of work . . . a memoir that, without minimizing any of its offenses or forgiving any of its architects, finds humanity and humor in the period.” –Washington Post


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