More About Giles and Martha Corey Home, Site of

Near the intersection of Pine Street and Johnson Street is the site of the Corey home. In 1692, Corey owned 150 acres – 100 acres on the west side of present-day Johnson Street and 50 acres on the east side of Johnson Street. The most recent structure that stood on the site was torn down in 2010.


It was from this site that Giles Corey traveled to Salem Village to witness the first examinations of accused witches, and where his wife Martha attempted to prevent his departure by removing the saddle from his horse.


It was here that Edward Putnam and Ezekiel Cheever questioned Martha about the accusations lodged against her, and where she defended herself against the charges, declaring herself “a Gospel Woman.”


Martha was arrested at this site on March 21, and her husband Giles’s arrest followed on April 18. Neither would ever return. Giles was pressed to death on September 19 and Martha was hanged on September 22.


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