Magic Lessons


In Magic Lessons, the first book in the Practical Magic series, author Alice Hoffman reveals the origin story of Maria Owens: the matriarch of the family we’ve gotten to know in Hoffman’s previous novels Practical Magic and The Rules of Magic.  This story may be our favorite, not only because it takes place in seventeenth century Salem. Absolutely spellbinding. (paperback, 2020)

Acclaim for Magic Lessons:

“Storytelling is in Hoffman’s bones, and the skill with which she dispenses information and compresses time, so that a year passes in a sentence, so that a tragedy witnessed  becomes the propeller for a hundred-page subplot, is (forgive me) bewitching.” – The New York Times Book Review

“Hoffman writes deftly, and often beautifully, about nature, and she can plot like, well, a witch, casting a spell on her reader …” – The Boston Globe

“Heart-breaking and heart-healing … intense and gorgeous … this is an impressive tale, equal parts love story, history, and horror … The whole thing is absolutely riveting  and rewarding from start to finish.”  – BookPage

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